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Councillor Johanna Howell - You have to be a team player to work with other councillors, developers and civil servant planners, but does team play extend to covering up the inconvenient truth as to past malfeasance?


Putting that aside for now, we should be concentrating on meeting climate change targets for cleaner air - where at the moment Wealden (and other councils) are failing miserably - and no wonder taking a look at their Climate Action Plan. On the basis of this document we haven't a hope in hell of meeting our 2008 statutory obligations by 2050.


With petrol cars being outlawed by 2040, plans should be in hand for transition to electric vehicles - but Wealden do not even have charging points in their own car park. How many officers and members drive electric vehicles? We wonder. Lead by example, that it how it should be done. As a Conservative Party member, Johanna will know that Michael Gove is in trouble with Europe and Theresa May's government has been found guilty of failing to meet air quality requirements by the High Court. Would you like to change party Johanna?



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Councillor Johanna Howell

Charmers Cottage
The Green
East Sussex

Tel: 01892 750141


Johanna represents Frant & Withyham. Cllr Howell is WDC Chairman of Planning Committee North


For years this council have done all within their power not to deliver housing at affordable prices. Their agenda has been to restrict builds, typically awarding permissions to favoured developers. The only way you can sort this one out is to sack all the long serving planning officers with vested interests, redraw the boundaries and purchase land by compulsory orders if that becomes necessary.




WAITING LISTS - This could be a scene in Wealden land if they fail to deliver housing stocks in sustainable fashion. People queuing up to buy affordable houses that have yet to be built. Why? Because the district is catering only for the rich.





Then along came the Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Act 2006, followed by the Climate Change Act 2008. These Acts demand that Wealden put in place a workable plan and encourage development of sustainable housing and transport. These Acts are in response to United Nations targets to fend off a global catastrophe.


A workable plan involves making sure that houses, transport and workplaces in the Wealden area reduce their carbon footprint by 3% a year to get back to 1990 levels by the year 2050.


If we assume that the houses in 1990 have not increased their energy requirement, then we need to work out how many new houses have been built since 1990 - and how many more will be built by 2050 - then add them together. Unfortunately, Wealden have been handing our consents since 2008 for properties that are not energy sustainable and those that are likely to be built in the future will also be substandard in energy terms.


It pretty soon becomes clear that new-builds will have to be virtually zero carbon and existing houses and factories should aim to reduce energy consumption to give us some slack. Houses that are energy self-sufficient will not look like the houses Wealden's planners are used to approving. Buildings that are modified to harvest solar energy will change in appearance somewhat - but this is typically permitted development - and if it is not the above Acts tend to support what is or will be necessary to improve existing stocks in line with a workable plan.



Home for life solar heating and pv panels


NEW BUILD SOLAR HOUSE - The light-filled Home For Life dwelling is a striking contemporary home completed as one of eight experimental Active Houses financed by FKR Holding. The 2,045-square-foot two-bedroom house is filled with natural light and strategically placed to take in 50% of its winter heating from passive solar means. The ultra-efficient home includes a photovoltaic system, solar hot water system, heat pump, energy optimized windows, and an automatic natural ventilation system. It is easy to point a new build in the right direction to capture passive heat. it is not so easy with an existing building such as the industrial building below.



Zero carbon conversion in Sussex


GENERATING WORKS HERSTMONCEUX - This pergola is actually a mount for a bank of solar panels that will generate clean electricity for the old generating buildings, along with water heaters and a wind turbine aiming for self-sufficiency in energy terms. The solar panels are designed to move to track the sun. Using wood like this costs a bit more but it is in keeping with the wooden theme for the rural scene and does not harm the archaeology. Glass area is increased where possible to capture passive heat and an underground chamber is being modified to store hot water for heating and washing. The original shell is improved with insulation in the roofs and walls, by way of over cladding for an extra layer of comfort. The occupiers use an electric car, that eventually, could be charged from on-site solar panels. In this way this historic asset uses considerably less energy than it did in 1990 and is heading towards zero carbon status. The problem with such conversions is that town planners do not recognise the benefits they are looking at, when they should be encouraging such efforts.


Future homes could make electricity bills a thing of the past, and even help you earn money in the process. Energy homes are popping up around the world, generating more energy than they use, and can even be set up to sell excess energy back to the grid. Beautiful, energy efficient, and increasingly affordable, these dwellings are proving the viability of renewable energy over fossil fuel sources.




FOSSIL FUEL BILLS IN LIME PARK - Two deliveries of fuel oil on two consecutive days in December 2017 in Lime Park. Heating the old Victorian manor house, that is divided into four residences, appears to use a lot of heating oil that is contributing to global warming and fueling climate change. These terraced houses have high ceilings and little insulation. The occupiers have done little in terms of micro generation and so reply on regular deliveries of fossil fuels to keep warm in winter. The Old Rectory also uses a disproportionate quantity of heating oil, but could fit ground heat pumps or solar panels to help the rest of us meet UN targets for 2050. It seems like many years away, but at the present apathetic rate Wealden are (not) progressing at, we can kiss goodbye to arctic ice. So save a place for a polar bear in your garage. They are going to need it.




FOSSIL FUEL USAGE STUDY - Two more deliveries of fuel oil and gas in Lime Park. Older properties were not designed to be energy efficient. This is the proof. One reason that the Church sold the Rectory, was the high cost of heating oil for a house that is poorly insulated. There is though much scope for improvement. Added to the cost of the fuel oil is the cost in terms of transport for each delivery and the carbon miles this generates. On site water heating and solar panels for electricity would help enormously in the battle to contain a warming planet. We hope that any new occupiers will do something about this. Maybe there should be a law about energy efficiency upgrades at exchange, where the vendor and purchaser agree to contribute to improvements that are agreed by an expert. If a unit has already been upgraded, then no contribution is necessary. Fuel for thought.



Patrick Scarpa, solicitor Wealden District Council David Whibley, enforcement officer Wealden District Council  


Victorio Scarpa, David Whibley, Julian Black, Daniel Goodwin, Christine Arnold


Christine Nuttall, solcitor, Wealden District Council corruption and monument protection English Heritage David Phillips, perjury and corruption Wealden District Council, the Energy Age, Nelson Kruschandl Douglas Moss 


Christine Nuttall, David Phillips, Douglas Moss, Ian Kay, Charles Lant


Above are some of the civil servant officers that appear not to have their eye on the climate change issue, some of which might be more concerned with keeping buildings in the hands of preferred people - contrary to Articles 8 and 14 and Article 1 of Protocol 1. Any violation of a person Human Rights by a council is of course unlawful and may become illegal if it is a prolonged assault on a person, when Article 3 also comes into play.


Abbott Trevor - Alcock Charmain - Ditto - Arnold Chris (Christine) - Barakchizadeh Lesley - Paul Barker - Bending Christopher

Black Julian - Boakes Beverley - Bradshaw Clifford - Brigginshaw Marina - Brown Ashley - Coffey Patrick - Douglas Sheelagh

Dowsett Timothy - Flemming Mike - Forder Ralph - Garrett Martyn - Goodwin Daniel - Henham J - Holness Derek

Hoy Thomas - Johnson Geoff - Kavanagh Geoff - Kay Ian - Kay I. M. - Barbara Kingsford - Lant Charles - Mercer Richard

Mileman Niall - Moon Craig - Moss Douglas, J.Nuttall Christine - Pettigrew Rex - Phillips David - Scarpa Victorio - Scott Trevor

Kevin Stewart - Wakeford M. - Whibley David - White, George - Williams Kelvin - Wilson Kenneth - White Steve








Wealden is a substantial district covering some 323 square miles of lush downland where wealthy people like to retire. Wealden is the largest district in East Sussex, home to some 143,000 people. 


This Council's responsibilities include housing, planning, building control, waste collection, recycling, emergency planning and economic regeneration. That last one is beyond the grasp of civil servants - and that is why the national debt is so high. They spend taxpayers money tying up would be entrepreneurs in knots. As many readers will appreciate, government directives are to encourage small businesses. Wealden, don't seem to get it. The national debt is increasing by some 2.5 billion a week, and all local authorities with corrupt officers still in their employ are partly to blame.



ND   2014

1.46 trillion  (estimated)




ND   2013

1.33 trillion




ND   2012 

1.04 trillion




ND   2011

0.91 trillion





ND   2010

0.76 trillion




ND   2009

0.62 trillion





ND   2008

0.53 trillion  (banking crisis)




ND   2007

0.44 trillion  (estimated)






Two-thirds of the district is covered by the High Weald and Sussex Downs Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. There are 34 conservation areas and over 2,500 listed buildings, Wealden places a high value on protecting the countryside, but no value at all on protecting buildings of local historic interest - and that is why there is no Local List.




Councillor Robert Standley is obviously a team player in allowing Kelvin Williams to answer for him, but does that extend to covering up the inconvenient truth, or are the officers pulling the wool over his eyes?  Nelson Kruschandl is a victim of council discrimination, a Human Rights violation and other abuses of office. This appears to be institutionalized, all departments put on alert to cover up past lies. Let us see if anything changes ......



JULY 15 2011

Councillor Johanna Howell spoke after an awards ceremony to honour schoolchildren who had been learning how to stay safe. Some adults need to take a leaf out of their children's books, she said.

Mrs Howell is quoted as saying: "People must take responsibility for their actions.
"We can do all sorts of things to the roads but it is useless unless people are educated and become aware that what they're doing is making the roads dangerous."


Johanna compiled a report in 2010, backed by the Courier newspaper and their Cut the Crashes campaign. This was to try to cut the number of crashes on Wealden's rural roads. Apparently the report confirmed 16 to 25-year-old drivers and those in the 44 to 50 age group are especially culpable.

"Young people think they're invincible"

"And middle-aged motorcyclists who learnt on a small engine many years later get themselves a more powerful bike and don't take a refresher course. They make the mistake of thinking they can ride as well as when they started."

The council's then public safety manager Sophie Hepworth is reported to have said: "We've got some of the highest figures for road fatalities in the country so we do a lot with road safety, on issues like speeding and drink driving.

"We need everyone to play their part."

To that end, its education programme Safety In Action marked its 20-year anniversary by handing honours to four schools at Herstmonceux Castle.

Mayfield Primary School picked up the first prize and St Mary Primary in Hartfield scooped the Laurence Reeve Memorial Trophy.

More than 11,000 children from 24 schools stretching from Crowborough to Hailsham benefit from Safety In Action each year.

Although East Sussex County Council is in charge of highways matters, Wealden District Council's Jonica Fox is quoted as saying: "We're working with them on a number of initiatives and want to become the enablers of any new programmes."


We don't know what they are laughing at. This council has one of the worst records of Human Rights abuses of any council that we have reported on. There is no affordable housing in the district and there is a shortfall of around 20,000 houses brought about by the empire building and backhander regime fostered by the longest serving planning and enforcement officers. Oh, of course, they are laughing because the ratepayer is paying them to screw it up and they still get their expenses. We need councillors with the backbone to stand up to bully-boy officers who try to bamboozle them with fiction and bogus law.





Dick Angel
Councillor Dick Angel

Heathfield Nth & Cenrl - Cons


KIevin Balsdon
Councillor Kevin Balsdon

Pevensey and Westham - Cons


Jo Bentley
Councillor Jo Bentley

Hailsham South and West - Cons


Councillor Bob Bowdler

Heathfield East - Cons


Linda Clark
Councillor Lin Clark

Pevensey and Westham - Cons

Deputy Chairman Standards


Nicholas Collinson
Councillor Nicholas Collinson

Hailsham Central & North - Cons

Portfolio Community Leadership Human Resources


Nigel Coltman
Councillor Nigel Coltman

Hailsham Central and North - Cons

Chairman of Licensing


Dianne Dear
Councillor Dianne Dear

Pevensey and Westham - Cons

Dep Chair of Planning South


Phil Dixon
Councillor Phil Dixon

Rotherfield - Conservative

Dep Chair of Audit Finance


Pam Doodes
Councillor Pam Doodes

Ninfield & Hooe with Wartling

Conservative - Vice-Chairman


Claire Dowling
Councillor Claire Dowling

Uckfield Central - Cons

Dep Ldr Public Health Safety


Janet Dunk
Councillor Jan Dunk

Heathfield North & Central - Conservative


Philip Ede
Councillor Philip Ede

Alfriston - Conservative


Helen Firth
Councillor Helen Firth

Uckfield New Town - Cons


Jonica Fox
Councillor Jonica Fox

Cross-in-Hand/ Five Ashes - Conservative


Roy Galley
Councillor Roy Galley

Danehill/ Fletching/ Nutley - Cons

Portfolio Economic Dev & Waste Man


Richard Grocock
Councillor Richard Grocock

Hailsham South and West - Cons


Chris Hardy
Councillor Chris Hardy

Hartfield - Cons- Chairman




Jim Hollins
Councillor Jim Hollins

Crowborough West - Cons


Peter Holloway
Councillor Peter Holloway

Forest Row - Conservative


Johanna Howell
Councillor Johanna Howell

Frant/ Withyham - Cons

Ch Planning North


Toby Illingworth
Councillor Toby Illingworth

Buxted & Maresfield - Cons



Stephen Isted
Councillor Stephen Isted

Crowborough Jarvis Brook - Independent


Andrew Andy Long
Councillor Andy Long

Herstmonceux - Cons


Michael Lunn
Councillor Michael Lunn

Buxted & Maresfield - Cons


Phillip Lunn
Councillor Philip Lunn

Crowborough East - Cons


Barry Marlowe
Councillor Barry Marlowe

Uckfield Ridgewood - Cons

Dep Ch Licensing


Rowena Moore
Councillor Rowena Moore

Forest Row - Conservative


Kay Moss
Councillor Kay Moss

Crowborough St Johns - Cons

Dep Chair Overview & Scrutiny


Douglas Murray
Councillor Douglas Murray

Willingdon - Conservative


Anne Newton
Councillor Ann Newton

Framfield - Cons

Portfolio Planning & Dev


Amanda O'Rawe
Councillor Amanda O'Rawe

Hailsham East - Conservative


Mark Pinkney
Councillor Mark Pinkney

Hellingly - Conservative


Dr Brian Redman
Councillor Dr Brian Redman

Mayfield - Conservative

Chairman of Standards Committee


Ronald Reed
Councillor Ronald Reed

Crowborough North - Conservative


Carol Reynolds
Councillor Carol Reynolds

Uckfield North - Cons







Greg Rose
Councillor Greg Rose

Crowborough East - Cons

Chair Overview & Scrutiny


Peter Roundell
Councillor Peter Roundell

Danehill/ Fletching/ Nutley - Cons

Chairman Audit Finance


William Rutherford
Councillor William Rutherford

Frant/ Withyham - Cons


Daniel Shing
Councillor Daniel Shing

Polegate South - Ind Democrat


Oi-Lin Shing
Councillor Oi Lin Shing

Polegate North - Ind Democrat


Raymond Shing
Councillor Raymond Shing

Willingdon - Independent Democrat


Stephen Shing
Councillor Stephen Shing

Willingdon - Independent Democrat


Angela Snell
Councillor Angela Snell

Polegate North - Conservative


Robert Standley
Councillor Robert Standley

Wadhurst - Conservative

Leader of the Council


Susan Stedman
Councillor Susan Stedman

Horam - Conservative

Chair Planning South


Roger Thomas
Councillor Roger Thomas

Heathfield North & Central - Cons


Jeannetter Towey
Councillor Jeannette Towey

Crowborough West - Cons


Chris Triandafyllou
Councillor Chriss Triandafyllou

Hailsham South and West - Cons


Peter Waldock
Councillor Peter Waldock

Uckfield North - Cons


Neil Waller
Councillor Neil Waller

Crowborough North - Cons

Dep Chair Planning North


David Watts
Councillor David Watts

Chiddingly & East Hoathly - Cons


Graham Wells
Councillor Graham Wells

Wadhurst - Cons

Portfolio Housing & Benefits


David White
Councillor David White

Hellingly - Independent


John Wilton
Councillor John Wilton

East Dean - Conservative



Dick Angel - Jo Bentley - John Blake - Bob Bowdler - Don Broadbent - Norman Buck - Raymond Cade - John Carvey - Valerie Chidson

Lin Clark - Nicholas Collinson - Nigel Coltman - Ronald Cussons - Barby Dashwood-Morris - Dianne Dear - Phil Dixon - Pam Doodes

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Jeanette Towey - Stuart Towner - Chriss Triandafyllou - Peter Waldock - Neil Waller - David Watts - Mark Weaver - Graham Wells

Brian West - David White - John Wilton





Cllr Bob Standley Leader; also responsible for Finance and Policy.
Cllr Claire Dowling Corporate Services and Deputy Leader.
Cllr Jan Dunk Corporate Assets.
Cllr Rowena Moore Waste Management.
Cllr Roy Galley Planning & Development.
Cllr Graham Wells Affordable Housing.
Cllr Johanna Howell Community and Voluntary Sector.
Cllr Jonica Fox was re-elected Chairman of the Council unopposed

Cllr Brian Redman was elected vice-chairman

The following positions were also approved by Full Council:

Chairman of the Licensing Committee: Cllr Susan Stedman.
Chairman of the Community and Environment Scrutiny Committee: Cllr David Larkin
Chairman of Internal and Audit Scrutiny Committee: Cllr Huw Merriman.
Chairman of Planning Committee North: Cllr Ann Newton.
Chairman of Planning Committee South: Cllr Barby Dashwood-Morris.
Chairman of the Personnel Committee: Cllr Claire Dowling.
Chairman of the Standards Committee: Cllr Lin Clark (from 1 July).


Wealden community strategy LSP Board member RoyGalley

Wealden Conservatives

wealden community strategy board members Johanna Howell







Dear Councillor Howell,


As a member of a council responsible for a great many historic towns and villages, and also caretaker of the public purse, could we ask you to be especially vigilant against maladministration within the Wealden District Council.


Maladministration is where a local authority fails to carry out the function that it was created to perform. The reason we mention this is because of the appalling history of planning enforcement appeals that were forced on members of the public - and never should have been sanctioned in the first place. That was the reason for the creation of this website and formation of the Wealden Action Group.


Obviously, we want to do our best to keep your council on the straight and narrow - and the way to do this is to monitor your progress and where applicable, lobby members, MPs and the media, pointing our potential pitfalls, so helping your council to avoid administrative errors. We thus contribute to council efficiency.


One of the most important functions that a council is charged with, is to provide a rolling stock of land for affordable housing. The fact that most councils are not doing so, is a major problem that is making the next generations financial slaves. The UK has an unenviable history of human rights abuses, beginning with the invention of concentration camps.


While (empire) building mansions might make a lot of bankers and landlords very happy; it is fair? We were under the impression that Britain was aiming to be at 1990 carbon levels by 2050. That goal relies on sustainable practices and sustainability equals affordability. Huge profits for some and slavery for others is not zero carbon friendly.


Building expensive homes, where we cannot house low wage earners, is economic lunacy and un-sustainable. This is elitist politics, rather than an equal opportunities bedrock - that should prevail in the interests of democracy. The new goal is a Circular Economy.


These are particularly difficult times, where public funding is under scrutiny against overspending, but such international issues as global warming should still be targeted for attention. We would then expect grants of planning permission for houses that are both affordable and zero carbon - to reduce global warming - and that means smaller houses with a proportionally smaller carbon footprint.


A workable formula for such housing is clear. Sweden and Germany lead with flatpack and other low energy housing - that is affordable, being in the 25-70,000 range. Young families could afford to buy such houses, provided that councils earmark land for affordable development. 


What we don't want is agricultural land suddenly going from 5,000 an acre to 1,000,000 - simply because a council failed to identify land for affordable housing. The moment land is allowed to escalate in value, houses are no longer affordable.


Could we suggest that land that is identified as suitable (necessary) for affordable housing, should only be granted consent for genuinely affordable homes. That might put a stop to the Klondike planning stampede that has opened up as a result of council sloth.


Once land is earmarked for affordable developments, Community Land Trusts could build houses for letting at sensible rents - but once again, they need land that is identified as being for affordable housing.


Thank you for taking the time to read this message and we look forward to seeing many sustainable decisions in the future and perhaps hearing your views on such proposals, when you have a spare moment.


Yours sincerely




Horse Sanctuary Trust UK  (an equal opportunities organisation)






FLUSHED WITH SUCCESS - We imagine that Wealden would have been overjoyed in duping the High Court into making an Order that demanded removal of toilet facilities from their long-term adversary's home, condemning him to defecate in the old fashioned way - and remarkable is it not how well an animal can adapt and build from sheer determination until it is time to reveal the truth and his gleaming new urinals. The building has toilets re-fitted of course thanks to Dame Butler-Sloss and the occupiers rejoice with each pull of the handle, at the resourcefulness of this underdog when the chips were down. The frivolity at Wealden's offices was short lived when the Health & Safety Executive chimed in to spend a penny or two. From that point on Wealden have been bogged down with the publication of what they had done - and permanent skidmarks in the underpants of their hall of shame. No amount of toilet tissue can ever wipe the brown from this council's back passages.


Don't forget your Council's appalling Human Rights record. The above story is true and fairly recent. If your officers don't start to behave themselves, you, the members will have to potty-train them. They must start telling the truth to committees and doing something about the tragedy that is climate change. If you sort that out for us, we'll take care of feeding the world.



POTTY TRAINING - Using a potty may be a new skill for your planning team to learn. It's best to take it slowly and go at your candidates pace, about the same pace as a child should do the trick. Being patient with them will help them get it right, even if they sometimes feel frustrated. They should be taught that every person is entitled to a toilet no matter how much their team are out to get any challenging member of the public - and yes we know how irritating it is to be caught out - and yes of course that makes you hate that member of the public more - so that you try another dirty trick. So, if you are going to plan a vendetta, be sure that you don't get caught with your trousers down. Bury your target good and proper - or he or she may come back to haunt you with the inconvenient truth and reveal what you did and why you did it. 




Nelson Kruschandl - Potty Trainer


If having read this you still feel the urge to go after Mr Kruschandl, you are probably not suitable material for continued council membership - because you have been influenced emotionally by the knowledge that your council have been beaten on a serious discrimination matter and found out about the deception orchestrated by your planning and legal officers as to the history of the Generating Works at Herstmonceux in 1986/7 involving George Morham White, Richard Mercer and Thomas Hoy who gave evidence - denying the building was a historic asset, etc., and for that reason are no longer capable of reasoned case handling. A good Councillor acts impartially and fairly, taking into account all of the duties imposed by statute.



Johanna Howell



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THIS SITE CONTAINS MANY EXAMPLES OF WEALDEN D C'S UNREASONABLE BEHAVIOUR - With thanks to Action Groups across the country for the supply of real case history and supporting documents.  *THAT THE PUBLIC MAY KNOW*


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Herstmonceux Castle, museum, science centre and observatory





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