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There are Planning related Action Groups, such as WAG the length and breadth of the country.  One common feature of all these Groups, is the unfair treatment, people have received, reports of corruption in public office and other waste of the Tax (RATES) payers money. It's all about control. It is organised and it is illegal. It is Organised Crime on a grand scale, never mind the Italian Mafia, Brazilian police or Chinese Triads, British civil servants are some of the slipperiest crooks in the world.


This page is shortly to feature an index of Case Studies as a handy reference to persons affected.  Meantime, if you could please use the Site Index link above for your researches, that would be appreciated.





The Wealden Action Group was founded by Anne Harris in the mid nineties after Wealden District Council failed to protect her against an aggressive landlord who literally took the roof from her house while she was living in it, and thereafter sought to make life for her as a farmer as difficult as possible, to include claiming that a road, was a linear pile of rubble - nice one Mr David Phillips. That is the kind of twisted thinking we have come to expect from Charlie Lant's storm troopers. Why Bob Standley let's the officers do this to the public is a mystery. The irresistible conclusion is that he is in on it - maybe even the ringleader. Otherwise, why would he not do something to stop it?



The Energy Age, Electricity Generation in Lime Park, Herstmonceux.


THE ENERGY AGE - This book is about a building that Wealden's dishonest officers told the Secretary of State's Inspector Dannreuther, was of no historic interest. Poor old Mr Dannreuther was so duped by Wealden's solicitors and planning officers that he agreed with them. Silly sausage.


The building in now on a Monument Protection Programme, thanks to English Heritage (now Historic England).  The Secretary of State, Eric Pickles MP,  did not reply to letters sent by recorded delivery in over 3 months - he obviously wanted to avoid a scandal to stay an MP. Is it not the duty of an MP (Sec of State) or whatever to represent the electorate?


We think you may enjoy how the then occupier of this historic building unravels the archaeology, with help from the experts - in so doing painting WDC's officers either incompetent or dishonest. We'll leave it up to you to decide from the facts.





BARCLAYS BANK - This bank joined in the melee by closing the account that was to furnish the online sales of the book above. Admitting to the wrongdoing, the bank with executives earning £millions, offered a paltry £126 in compensation. The Chairman and Chief Executive officers were canvassed directly but simply attempted to pass the buck - to distance themselves from the scandal. That will not work chaps. The ball is in your Court. The claim will should now be investigated for criminal conspiracy. We want to know if this bank is working with Sussex Police and/or Wealden District Council - to frustrate fund raising efforts.


29-5-15 IN THE NEWS - TWO of Britain's largest banks have been named in the corruption crisis engulfing world football, after suspicious transactions were allegedly made across HSBC and Barclays accounts. The documents also name London's Standard Chartered as a third UK-based bank in the scandal. 

It comes after the FBI charged 14 football officials on Wednesday following an investigation into football corruption, including during the bidding processes for World Cup tournaments. Suspicious transactions include a £320,000 payment to a luxury yacht manufacturer and a £130,000 transfer to an account in the Cayman Islands – a tax haven for the world's rich.

Britain's Serious Fraud Office is monitoring developments and looking at whether any crimes were committed by British companies or in Britain.


Cultural change involves different business models. One shining example of ethical banking practice is the excellent Swedish business bank Svenska Handelsbanken – which has no staff bonuses – and is expanding rapidly. Increasingly, banks are being replaced by non-bank channels. In the UK we need a better system of banking. One that owns up to errors and offers appropriate satisfaction. How are they going to deal with the big things, if they refuse to put right the little things?








With thanks to the Wealden Action Group and other Action Groups across the country for the supply of real case history and supporting documents.





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