Local Autority officers who fail to advise, investigate or carry out other function of office should be prosecuted under the Fraud Act 2006, a pension would then be proceeds of crime and not payable.




Sussex Police malfeasance and conspiracy with Wealden District Council




An innocent member of the public until 1982, that is when Nelson saw the Old Steam House in Herstmonceux for the first time. He had no idea then that Quangos and Masonic influence would dog his progress for the next thirty years. He had no idea what that might mean. He was just a simple chap trying to make a life for himself.


The corruption goes all the way to the top. Many High Court judges only have that position because of their willingness to maintain the frauds of local authorities, even steering cases by crafting directions to juries. Barristers aspiring to be judges are equally to blame. If they want to continue to practice, they must heed the direction that local authorities wish to go, or they may even be barred from practice. 


30 years on and Nelson has roundly thrashed Wealden at appeals that many town planners would shy from. It's not their money, it's your money they are throwing away in trying to keep control of the ordinary man. This is a major contributor to our tremendous national debt. Council's and other wasteful local authorities are largely responsible for borrowings that we cannot pay back. It's hardly a wonder that our country is not competitive, with civil servants on fat salaries doing nothing but hinder entrepreneurs.



The Energy Age, Electricity Generation in Lime Park, Herstmonceux.


This book is about a building that Wealden's honest officers told the Secretary of State's Inspector Dannreuther, was of no historic interest. Poor old Mr Dannreuther was so duped by Wealden's solicitors and planning officers that he agreed with them. The building in now on a Monument Protection Programme, thanks to English Heritage. The present Secretary of State, Eric Pickles MP, has not replied to letters sent by recorded delivery, save to pass the buck - he obviously wants to avoid being associates with this scandal such as to get himself re-elected. Is it not, though, the duty of an MP (Sec of State) or whatever to represent the electorate? The truth is that the building is the original generating station. This council hid the truth. The question is why? Why would any council do that?


We think you may enjoy how the then occupier of this historic building unravels the archaeology, with help from the experts - in so doing painting WDC's officers to be either incompetent or dishonest. We'll leave it up to you to decide from the facts. At present, Barclays Bank is holding up publication. They closed an account without consent and took the money in that account, with no provision to give that money back. In our book, that constitutes fraud. Both Jes Staley and John McFarlane know what their bank has been up to, but so far have not made any reasonable effort to help the charity concerned back to where they were before the breach of contract/discrimination.



Over the years Nelson has learned how this Council work - or rather do not work. He has become versed in agricultural development, by watching Wealden DC try to prevent many farmers in the Wealden District from running their farms. He has seen this council try to prevent horse lovers from providing for needy horses, in one extreme case demolishing an animal sanctuary, which the Secretary of State finally declared lawful. For this reason, he is also adept at recording site visit to ensure compliance, and so that enforcement officers cannot later tamper with the evidence, deny what they said, or deny it was them who said it. You have to fight fire with fire. Make no mistake councils are out to get you. Ignore that at your peril.


The tales Nelson can tell, and he will do so on request, because he now gives inspirational talks about his experiences, illustrated with PowerPoint presentations.


It gets worse, where houses are in short supply, Nelson has seen Wealden DC fail to re-use Brownfield sites, rather spending upwards of £500,000 to prevent development that is much needed. Why? Because that way they stay in their cozy jobs on exorbitant salaries, dishing out planning favours for unaffordable developments - which is commonly called empire building. Empire building is also the quickest way to get a country into debt and that makes financial slaves of the common man. They're all right Jack.


The ordinary voter should be enjoying a high standard of living, but instead the public are taxed at multiple levels to pay for the extravagances of corrupt local authorities. They charge us Road Tax, but don't build or repair our roads. They charge us National Insurance, but have already squandered our pension funds and the less said about the health service the better. Robert Maxwell was accused of plundering his company's pension fund, but we know for sure that our government are guilty of this particular crime.


Many of us would rather opt out of the system, but they won't let us. Why should we pay council tax to dish our fat salaries to allow councils to waste your money. Opting out should be an option for everyman. Let our citizens choose a sustainable lifestyle without having to pay for nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers and invading other countries that we would not agree to - if we had a proper say in the running of the country.


Nelson says: "What are our council playing at. More importantly, are you going to let them get away with it for much longer, and for how much longer will our Government rob their citizens blind."



Defender of the planning faith, councils are answerable to the electorate


TAKING ON THE ABUSERS OF THEIR POSITIONS OF TRUST - These men and women council employees are in highly regarded positions of trust, such that if that trust is abused the penalties should be proportionate and all proceeds of their crimes subject to the most careful scrutiny - as with any other crime. You would not let a bank robber or a murderer keep their ill gotten gains, so why is it that planning officers and councillors who are corrupt somehow manage to escape prosecution? The answer is that the local police force heads are sometimes involved in the corruption. They get a bung to tow the party line - and not investigate these heinous crimes on their doorstep. The same punishment should apply to secret alliances such as those forged in some of the Masons lodges with high proportions of builders, architects, councillors and police officers.





When Nelson upped his game to include the citizen's arrest of council staff who were acting illegally, they hatched an evil plan to discredit the dissident activist. From about 2005, Nelson attended illegal site visits carrying a pair of handcuffs, just in case council officers implicated themselves in any of the vendettas that were ongoing. Nelson also started video recording attempted illegal sites visits. He had to go.



Snakes in the Grass, a true story of lies and deceipt


The first volume was the revelation of archaeology undisturbed for 80 years being slowly dusted off over a 30 year timeframe, adorned with witness testimony; laced with archived artifacts. The second volume is a no holds barred exposť, exploring the depths of deviousness, fraud and corruption by un-elected officials of the Wealden District Council and complicit representatives of the people - a veritable WealdenGate of a story told in the style of a murder mystery - a cross between Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot and the Midsummer Murders. The only difference is that this story is true. This volume will follow the publication of 'The Energy Age,' which is due for publication in 2014.




Letter to Councillor Robert Standley, reference fraud by David Phillips and Douglas Moss

Letter to Councillor Robert Standley about copyright theft and fraud


We note that Mr Phillips and Mr Moss have never publicly denied the offences of which they stand accused. Nor has Mr Kruschandl ever received an official explanation for the unlawful use of his copyright © photographs. 







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If you go about digging up the dirt on local officials, you are going to make powerful enemies, who will stoop at nothing to bury the object of their embarrassment. His barrister was instructed several times to challenge the Crown's forensic evidence - but he didn't challenge the so-called scientific evidence with any forensic evidence from anywhere at all. He in effect convicted his client, according to more recent legal opinion. If his defence team had challenged the so-called evidence, they would have found it was junk science. Junk science is pseudo scientific evidence that looks plausible to a jury, but is in fact completely misleading.


It looks as though the press were in it to make a few bucks, in the process making sure of a conviction, by publishing half facts mid-trial - which is of course bound to influence a gullible public. The press published despite a court order prohibiting publication. Which, on learning of their misdeeds, Judge Cedric Joseph simply lifted the ban. Should he not have ordered a retrial?


In a UK obsessed with sex and child safety, you are guilty until you prove your innocence. Article 6 of the Human Rights Act 1998 says that you are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty.


You'll have to wait for the subjects appeals in the ECHR to conclude before this book is published. Maybe then we'll see an official version in 2016/2017? European appeals take 4 years on average, from date of lodge. But first you have to exhaust any domestic remedy. He has finally, as of February 2013.



Afentis Forensics



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