Members of the public play a starring role in the Conservatives' political broadcast this evening, as the party reinforces its eco-friendly and everyman message.  But will either political party put there money where their mouth is?  Click on the pictures below to see some genuine British environmental PR projects.




What's wrong with going green?


Labour went for a personal attack on Tory leader David Cameron with 'Dave the chameleon' in their local election broadcast last night, warning that although the Witney MP may pretend to be green, he is blue through and through.

However, he has responded with a series of video diaries on what people want their local council to do, with eco-friendly transport, recycling, graffiti and littering all highlighted as issues of concern ahead of the May 4th polls.

Like Labour, who made the bicycle-riding chameleon the subject of their broadcast, the Tories have used animation, but this time the cartoons are used to show how Tory councils across the UK are taking action.

Bromley council is using cooking oils from local restaurants to power local authority and hospital vehicles, for example, while Barnet council makes graffiti artists clean up after themselves.

Mr Cameron then makes an appearance, claiming: "If you want to improve your environment, better parks and public spaces and cleaner streets, then vote Conservative.

"Those are my priorities – those are the priorities of the Conservative party. And remember, if you vote blue, you can go green."



The broadcast, which will be screened this evening, is the final phase of the Tories' local election campaign, and its focus on green issues complements months of talk about how the party is serious about tackling the environment.

Speaking yesterday, Mr Cameron highlighted three main planks of the local election campaign – lower council taxes, more efficient services, and revived local democracy.

But, he said, the party was focusing on an issue that "is arousing real passion in communities all over Britain" – the environment.

"It's an issue that has to be dealt with in the round. From climate change to cleaner streets, from cutting waste to cutting noise pollution, environmental issues are all about improving our quality of life," he said.

"These issues are connected by a simple instinct – to protect and enhance the world around us, an instinct that has been at the heart of Conservatism for generations."








Tuesday 18 April 2006

Hello everybody!

Well, what a week I've had! Talk about no rest for the wicked - I've been up to my opposable eyeballs in work, work, work!

I've been filming non stop for my very own programme, all about little old me. You'll love it - The exciting adventures of one chameleon and his heroic rise to the top with me as the star. Hurrah!

I just can't wait for you all to see it. They've managed to capture my best side I think, and I look jolly spiffing standing in front of all those microphones…

Oops! Silly me! Don't want to give away all the best bits!

You'll just have to watch me tonight on BBC2 at 5.55pm, on ITV at 6.25pm or on BBC1 at 6.55pm, or click here to see more of Dave's adventures.

See you all there!








Dave the Chameleon is Labour's new election star


Labour has unveiled its secret weapon in the battle against David Cameron's resurgent Conservative Party, a little blue lizard that changes colour to match his political environment.




Invisible cash support? - No really! Don't ask




'Dave the Chameleon' is the star of Labour's party political broadcast for the May 4 2006 local council elections, which was televised 19 April 2006. The broadcast claims that the Tory leader flip-flops between being red, yellow and green - but his real core is blue.


To the soundtrack of the 1983 Culture Club hit Karma Chameleon, the film briefly recounts the life of the Dave, the blue chameleon, who joins a bunch of blue friends in a "little blue party called the Conservatives" then, during a brief career in PR, learns "how to change into any colour he pleased".


He soon works out that telling people what the Conservatives really stood for would never make them popular, so he decides only to tell people whatever he thought they wanted to hear, "whether he in the blue party liked it or not".

The broadcast lampoons Mr Cameron for telling red Labour supporters he was the "heir to Blair", and the yellow Lib Dems he was "a liberal Conservative". It also mocks his bicycle-riding green credentials.


"Dave the chameleon changed into every colour of the rainbow as he told everyone just what he thought they wanted to hear," it says. "But underneath it all he was still true blue, through and through."


The film has been produced for the local elections, but Labour revealed that it will stick with the character after polling day, following up with mobile phone ringtones, podcasts and other internet downloads.


The Cameron-chameleon gibe was first used by John Prescott, the Deputy Prime Minister, at the Labour conference.


"This image shows exactly what David Cameron represents - a political chameleon who says whatever he thinks his audience wants to hear," Mr Prescott said of the new cartoon character.


"We keep seeing different versions of him - Liberal Cameron, new Labour Cameron, Green Cameron. He may change his colour at will, flip-flopping from one position to another, but underneath he is Conservative to the core."

But Mr Cameron - who today launched the final phase of the Tory local election campaign under the slogan "Vote Blue, Go Green" - dismissed the attack and contrasted the film with an "entirely positive" Tory broadcast about what the party’s councils were doing.


"Labour are clearly showing that they have run out of steam, run out of ideas, run out of positive things to contribute either at the local level or the national level and this would seem to be the evidence," he said.





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