Bunny boilers are extremely dangerous now that no proof is needed to obtain a conviction is sex cases - Chris Grayling justice minister will be asked to review Sexual Offences Act presumption of guilt, which breaches Article 6 right to a fair hearing






My life's in ruins, says teacher cleared of having hotel sex romps with 17-year-old pupil  -  4th October 2007



Cleared: Teacher Andrew Riley outside court yesterday


Cleared: Teacher Andrew Riley outside court yesterday



A teacher who was cleared of having cocaine-fuelled sex with a pupil has told how his life had been ruined by his teenage accuser.


Andrew Riley, 36, said his marriage and his career were left in tatters after the girl claimed the pair enjoyed a series of liaisons in hotels.


He told the jury that although he had stayed in hotels with her and admitted that their relationship made him feel wanted, there had been no sex.


The 17-year-old, who suffered from low self-esteem and had problems at home, struck up a close friendship with the handsome PE teacher after he took her under his wing.


But he and the girl began to exchange Internet messages detailing their fantasies and sexual experiences.


When the girl went to university Mr Riley decided to end the relationship but she was furious and reported him to police.


Yesterday the married father of two was found not guilty at Preston Crown Court of two counts of abuse of trust by having sex with a person under 18 and not guilty of a charge of offering to supply cocaine.


Sex with someone over 16 is not illegal, but it is against the law if the defendant is in a position of trust and the victim is under 18.


He said his wife Emma, 35, had been devastated by the claims.


'I am relieved that the trial is now over,' he added. 'This has been a nightmare for me. My wife and family have been under tremendous strain and I would now like to be given the opportunity to rebuild my life.'


The court heard that he and the teenager became close at Baines High School in Poulton, Lancashire, where Mr Riley was head of sixth form.


They would often chat and began communicating through the internet after school.


But she was a sexually promiscuous attention seeker.


The jury heard she started sending explicit emails and topless photographs of herself to Mr Riley.


Jurors were told she was a schemer and were shown details of her entry on MySpace - an Internet friendship site.


They included photographs of her licking another girl's breast and embracing male and female friends.


On one entry she said her favourite book was Notes on a Scandal - a novel about a female teacher whose career is destroyed when she has an affair with a boy of 15.


Mr Riley, who is also head of the sixth form at the school, replied to her emails and in one he wrote: 'You are intelligent, beautiful, talented and damn sexy. You are the first person to make me feel alive in a long time.'


The court heard that, during a school leavers' ball at the De Vere Hotel in Blackpool, Mr Riley and the girl took part in a drinking game, which involved passing shots of the Italian spirit Sambuca mouth-to-mouth.


He was said to have shared a lingering 30-second kiss with the teenager.


The court also heard that Mr Riley was not getting on with his wife at the time of the allegations.


Defence barrister Pippa McAtasney, QC, said the girl, who is now 20, was lying and accused her of being a 'bunny boiler'.


When Mr Riley decided to end their relationship the girl pestered him with text messages and in one telephone call, she said: 'You've let me down for the last time. I'm going to ruin your life.'


Mr Riley, who earned 36,000 a year, had told the jury his marriage of 13 years was hanging by a thread and that his life was in ruins.


He said: 'At the moment I am with my wife and kids but it is by a thread. I love my wife and I want to make that clear.'


The mother of the girl condemned him for his inappropriate relationship with her daughter. 'It makes me sick to think a teacher in a position of responsibility, and a married father, preyed on my daughter,' she said.


David Jesson, chairman of the governors at Baines, said: 'Mr Riley is currently suspended from his position as head of sixth form.'




Pupil seduced by teacher claims: 'He watched me snort coke in a hotel room'


Last updated at 17:05pm on 7th October 2007 The schoolgirl seduced by a head teacher has spoken for the first time to claim he watched her snort lines of cocaine in hotel room.


Rebecca Hatch, who was 17 when she began a sordid affair with Andrew Riley behind his wife's back, says he told her: "sex and coke is mind-blowing."


At his trial last week head of sixth form Riley confessed to planning to bed his pupil but claimed guilt always stopped him at the last minute.



Andrew Riley pictured with pupil Rebecca Hatch


Andrew Riley pictured with pupil Rebecca Hatch.

(Her face has been pixelated)




He was cleared by a jury at Preston Crown Court of having cocaine-fuelled sex with her.


But, in an interview with the News of the World, Miss Hatch insisted: "He was there watching when I snorted lines of cocaine for the first time and he knows it."


And she hit out at his acquital, saying: "He should never be allowed to teach again.


"He denied having sex with me but why else would two people go to a hotel room?"


Miss Hatch, now 20, recalled how she took cocaine in front of her teacher at a Travelodge he'd booked for them in Manchester.


Riley, 36, who taught at Baines Sixth Form College in Blackpool, Lancs, had reportedly boasted in an email how "sex and coke is mind-blowing."


Miss Hatch said: "I was sat on a chair next to the desk in the room. He was on the bed.


"He watched me taking the first line. It was a rush and a high. It lasted about 40 minutes.


"I did a second line later that evening after we had been out for drinks.


"It was just the same as before.


"Altogether Andrew took me to hotels on three seperate occasions, spending four nights away from his wife.


"At the time I thought I loved him and thought he loved me."


But after a spa holiday in the Lake District in September 2005 Miss Hatch began to realise that Riley was just using her.





Andrew Riley at Preston Crown Court


Andrew Riley at Preston Crown Court -

he admitted the affair but denied consumating it



She told the News of the World: "I was on the sofa in our suite. I was getting upset on our last night. "He didn't seem that bothered.


"I was thinking: 'This is such a mistake.' He said he loved me but he just didn't seem that fussed."


Riley began cutting the strings and told her to concentrate on enjoying her English Literature degree at Oxford Brookes University.


Now she is trying to put the ordeal behind her after Riley was cleared of two charges of abusing a position of trust by having sex with a child and a charge of offering to supply cocaine.







It's about time teachers were supported by false claims from silly children.
- Roger, Brighton


This poor man has had to go through a lot. As he has been found not guilty, does this mean the silly girl lied? I hope he can rebuild his life quickly.
- Nickt, Aldershot


The teacher's life, career and reputation are destroyed by false claims and the school child is not even named. How can this be fair?
- James, Cambridge


So this teacher was entitled to stay at hotels overnight with a teenage pupil, because he had a 'nagging wife'? Unbelievable - in every respect!
- Lisa, London, UK


Another faux pas by the CPS in bringing the case in the first place. Thousands of pounds wasted, thanks CPS.
- Stan Still, UK


Correct verdict. She certainly had no complaints at the time.
- Dave, Southampton, UK


I hope Mr Riley can re-build his life now that case is over, more and more innocent men are finding themselves involved in these cases that I am sure are brought to make Govenmenent targets look good however as with this case and many others the jury came to the right decision and it has to be remembered this poor man will have gone through months of hell waiting for this to come to court.
- Neil Robinson, Durham


Unfortunately, these claims tend to stick to the person, whether they were found innocent or not. I can't see him getting his job back after this - I'm willing to bet that he 'resigns'. Feel sorry for the guy but he was silly to get involved in the first place.
- Kelly, Hampshire, UK


Yeah nice one Roger - he doesn't deny spending the night in a hotel room with her - do you think that is appropriate behaviour? Get real. I wouldn't want him anywhere near a school where my daughters were pupils. Presumably you get treated less well by him if you are not blonde and up for 'making him feel alive'. Pathetic.
- Claire, London


I am glad he has been cleared, the girl sounded like a little madam and hardly sweet and innocent.
- Bex Jones, Brighton


Having read the entire article one cannot help but draw the conclusion that the teacher's behaviour had been totally unacceptable.
- Wing, Poole


He was not entirely blameless for the mess he got himself into! The internet conversations alone are unacceptable in my opinion, due to the position of trust he enjoyed. Cases like his do not support the integrity of the teaching profession they totally undermine it, which is a pity. We must be careful not to imply that children should not come forward if they are upset by something.
- G Mac, Winchester UK


He was only cleared of not having sex, he still acted entirely inappropriately in my opinion. The child was obviously vulnerable and unhappy, and he was stupid to put himself in that position.
- Rach, Somerset, UK


Mr Riley ruined his own life. No-one else.
- Hazel Anne Larmour, Ballygowan,N.Ireland


Sound like the jury got it right for once!
- Michael, Sheffield


This girl should be named and shamed, and charged with wasting police time.
- Ben Summers, Harlesden


It's about time teachers were sensible enough not to ... oh do forgive me, any half-sensible teacher would already know that you way you deal with a supposed "sexually promiscuous attention seeker" is not to describe sexual fantasies, exchange drunken kisses or arrange liasions in hotels.

Shameful behaviour from someone who was acting in loco parentis.
- Kate, Staffordshire


This is very ironic! Isn't it the teenagers that go to school to learn about life? It seems that this little role reversal has gone sour. Mr Riley is lucky to still be with his wife and kids! Lesson learned Mr Riley?
- Tom, Bury, Lancs


For a teacher to have any kind of one-to-one relationship with a pupil is absolute madness, how stupid can anyone get?
- Fred James, Worcester


Okay, the teacher made a serious error of judgement by carrying on an intimate but non-sexual relationship. He is cleared but the girl who brought the false allegations remains nameless and gets off scot-free. A serious travesty of justice.

- David, East Sussex


It was clear from the outset that the claimant in this case had set out to destroy Mr Riley. I hope she has not succeeded.


- Janet, Blackpool England


While this man is hardly blameless, I hardly think he "preyed on my daughter", as the mother claims. As the wife of a university lecturer, let me assure you that some girls are blatant, not only in their sexual aggressiveness, but in their complete assurance that no man could possibly resist them. My husband has told me of being propositioned outright, being grabbed inappropriately and finding a female student naked in his office. Luckily, my husband is ethical and cares more for me and his career than anything else. We do feel, though, that it's only a matter of time until some rejected twit decides to make him pay for spurning her. For that reason he keeps every single email sent to him, reports every incidence of questionable nature to superiors, keeps his own journal of exactly what happened and what was said, etc. Everything is also noted in the student's permanent file. We'd laugh at them all if it weren't so potentially devastating.

- Chris, Leicester


He admits he stayed in hotels with this girl - so he deserves to have his life ruined. He should never have encouraged or replied to this girl's attentions in the first place.

- Jane, England


I hope the police will prosecute the girl for wasting police time, but they won't, what a waste of time and money. CPS got it wrong again.

- Stan Still, UK


In a case like this I feel the girl's identity should be made public together with the mother's.

- Shadrack, United Kingdom


My sympathies lie with this man's family. What a disgrace.

- Shirley, UK


Quite right. This girl sounds like a nasty piece of work. She was 17 not 7. She knew exactly what she was doing.

I suspect she is most disappointed that she won't now be able to sell her story and pictures to the gutter press.

Stupid girl.

- Tony, London


If pupils keep going this way the UK will have no teachers left.
No support is shown to teachers!

- Cathy, Belfast


I am amazed at the number of comments saying that the teacher must be guilty even after found innocent by jury, knowing all the facts. I hope these people are never on a jury if, God-forbidding, I am ever tried for a crime. I would be seriously worried about a fair trial.

- James, Cambridge


Surely this is a clear cut case for anonymity to be given to both parties, not just the plaintiff. Irrespective of the morality of what has happened this man has been crucified and then found not guilty, but is now serving a media verdict life sentence.

- Stuart, Nottinghamshire



Rules of Engagement, call off an engagement if you dare, you'll go to prison




Gordon Staker works for the Child Protection Unit in Eastbourne, East Sussex. He is involved in the so-called Herstmonceux Bunny Boiler case heard in February 2008 ................... We are closely following this case and other similar cases, and please see our anatomy of an accusation coming soon......


Many of our readers will know that hundreds of men each year (many teachers) suffer accusations from girls with a grudge, many of which turn out to be false and revenge motivated.





Many policemen are Masons.  This can lead to corruption at high levels, where fellow Masons, members of the public, might obtain favours, charges dropped, or charges brought against someone, as examples.  The law is quite often used incorrectly (illegally) to further the objectives of private causes. But who is there to investigate? Since many, if not most high ranking officers are Masons, in whichever force, even an outside force is unlikely to identify an officer who will make any effort to investigate a fellow officer.  It's a club, for a favoured few.


A - Z of Sussex officer investigations


Joe Edwards

Ken Jones

Paul Whitehouse

Sarah Jane Gallagher

Sir Ken Macdonald QC


The above is just a few of a number of persons likely to be investigated in respect of certain cases brought against Wealden Action Group members, on the instigation of known Masons, councillors, or planning officers, many of which are themselves Masons.













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