There is no doubt in our minds that the methods used by Matt Goldsmith (regional manager, Chatham), Miles Caines (TV licensing enforcement manager, Bristol) and others are purposely designed to be intimidating and threatening.


These tactics are clearly a misuse of authority, a breach of your human rights and a gross intrusion into your private and family life, right to trade, etc.  The existence of the BBC and forced contributions to a service that is far from satisfactory and in any event enjoyed by so few, is also a breach of your right to receive and impart information.  Our charity (Horse Sanctuary UK Limited) has been the subject of regular mail, visits and now a recorded delivery letter headed "Official Warning".



Horse Sanctuary UK spokesperson: "Photograph the offenders"



On average we have received two letters a month threatening 'authorised' visits by officers, where it must be clear to any competent TV detector unit that from the frequency of visitations and the fact no actual readings have ever been obtained, there could not be a television in use at the property concerned.  However, instead of concluding the obvious, those clever people decided to increase the expenditure of public money - to what purpose?  For this reason we suspect an alternative agenda!


They simply cannot go on and on threatening action, without taking any!  Where one is being accused, one is entitled to a fair hearing within a reasonable time - According to Article 6.


It's about time the tables were turned.  We intend to arm our staff with cameras to capture the officers concerned in the act of breaching Articles 8 and 10 and committing serious offences under the Prevention of Harassment Act.  The matter to be reported to the Police for investigation and thence petition the government to rethink its policies.


Where we have been threatened with interview under caution, we intend to caution those perpetrating the above crimes and take down what they say, as evidence.  But where are the offenders when we're waiting for them.....................


We will also publish the photographs on this website in the greater interest of the public, that the public should be aware of the persons concerned.  We would urge all like minded citizens to do the same - stand up and be counted.  If you cannot spare the time to trap the individuals concerned, why not lobby your MP.





Jonathan Miller - Journalist


As managing editor of Satellite Week and Communications Daily in Washington DC (1977-85), Jonathan Miller was among the first to write about the changes that would be forced on the television industry by satellites. As a media journalist on The Times and The Sunday Times (1986-89), he was in the thick of the crusade to open up the British broadcasting system. He was public affairs director in London and Brussels for Sky Television 1989-91. In Brussels, he was involved in the successful campaign to persuade the European Commission to abandon the D2-Mac television format, which would have profoundly delayed the advent of a purely digital broadcasting system. After Sky's merger with BSB, Miller returned to The Sunday Times, where he was assistant editor and columnist (1992-95). He commented on a wide variety of subjects, from commuting to caning, while helping to create News lnternational's first Internet studio. Miller, whose other interests include organic farming, now freelances from London.





Please send in those intimidating cards/letters and the campaign coordinator will put them on his site for everyone to admire.  Email them at the following address when you'd like to attach a file:


"Vladimir Bukovsky, former Soviet dissident, has joined forces with Jonathan Miller - the Sunday Times journalist campaigning for an end to the anachronistic television licence and accountability in public broadcasting.

'I want a debate on the EUSSR, complete and impartial debate and all its aspects.'

Bukovsky has been appalled at the political bias displayed by the BBC. In order to re-establish impartiality he is prepared to withhold his licence fee and face prosecution rather than live with ‘Soviet’ style reporting."





Rob Godfrey's Campaign to Abolish the TV Licence [C.A.L.]



"We supposedly live in a democracy, yet we still have an archaic and unfair tv licensing system that is forced down the throats of UK citizens by the ruling elite, who are under the delusion that they know what's best for us.

The C.A.L. believes that the Television Licence Fee, which British citizens are forced to pay by law, is unjust and unfair. Every year people are imprisoned and fined on the strength of this archaic law. These people are mostly the poor and disadvantaged in our society. It is a matter of shame that this sort of thing still goes on in the 21st century in what is supposed to be a civilised and democratic country."





Biased BBC


"For decades, the BBC was revered around the world as an unbiased, truly objective source of truth. But we believe that this has now changed, and that the organisation is now continually breaching its own charter. This site is here to highlight this.

We will write of BBC television and radio programmes, and web sites, which breach the charter by which they are all bound, and collect the evidence at this site. Below each post detailing the breach, we will list the parts of the charter violated by the BBC bias."








How the extorted money is squandered: 

Each household's colour TV licence cost £9.67 every month in 2003/2004. On average each month, this was how the BBC spent your money:



Average monthly rip off spend

This chart shows that £9.67 was the average monthly cost of each household's licence fee in 2003/2004. It breaks it down visually into components.

  • BBC One £3.37

  • BBC Two £1.45

  • Digital television channels £0.98

  • Transmission and collection costs £0.98

  • BBC Radio 1, 2, 3, 4 and Five Live £0.99

  • Digital radio stations £0.08

  • Nations & English Regions television £0.90

  • Local radio £0.61

  • £0.31


    Total £9.67


Note: Programme related costs such as marketing, and all overheads have been fully apportioned against channels/networks to show the total cost of BBC output.


The BBC works hard to spend your money but refuses to be accountable. Over the past five years they claim to have focussed on cutting costs and last year alone savings admit to reducing costs by nearly £30 million.  If they were truly committed to continuing this trend and delivering value for money, they would advertise and join the various campaigns to quash the fee.  You can read about the BBC's official finances and costs in full in this highly entertaining work of fiction of the Governors' Annual Report.


What your licence gives to others

The BBC is paid for directly through each household TV licence. This allows it to run a wide range of popular public services for everyone, free of adverts and independent of advertisers, shareholders or political interests. 98% of the UK population used the BBC every month in 2003/4.


The BBC provides 8 interactive TV channels, 10 radio networks, over 50 local TV and radio services and These provide local and national news, documentaries, arts, drama, entertainment, live music and children's programmes. The BBC also runs social action, education and minority language programmes. Its considerable investment in British programmes supports production and craft skills throughout the UK.  It is likely you will not benefit or want to hear of view any of the above services.  It's jobs for the boys.


BBC World Service is funded by Government grant and not your TV licence.  Profits from separate BBC commercial services help to keep the licence fee low.







With thanks to Action Groups across the country for the supply of real case history and supporting documents.  *THAT THE PUBLIC MAY KNOW*



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