A study is under way to determine the advantages of solar and wind generation at Bushy Wood.  A number of options are being considered to reduce the sanctuary's reliance on fossil fuels.  Electricity on site is essential to provide lighting, hot water, communications, and security, etc.  In a modern world we simply cannot survive without power.


At some time in the future it may be possible to provide all the electricity needs of the Sanctuary by renewable energy.  However, it may not be practical, or indeed affordable, to implement a changeover all at once.  For this reason it may be necessary to divide the project into phases.







In order to provide energy for lighting we must first count the number of lights, then multiply the total wattage by the number of hours used.  We will also need to build in a safety margin to allow for losses in the system and emergencies.  The Sanctuary is lit for safety reasons during the hours of darkness and also to prevent intruders (A horse was once stolen from the stable).  This needs to be balanced against the regular hours of sunshine.  In the UK we don't get as much sun as other countries because of our position (attitude 51 degrees) to the Sun.


Without going into great technical detail we need to install around eight 120 watt panels in a position to best capture the available daylight and meet with planning approval.  In this regard we note the government targets as outlined and published by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM).  We hope this initiative may encourage other like minded persons to take the plunge and help meet Mr Prescott's 10% target.




Unfortunately, the Sun isn't shining when we want light.  For this reason we need to store electricity made by solar panels in batteries.  To ensure efficient storage and reserves in this installation we are looking at 600 Amp/Hr of capacity, minimum, in deep cycle batteries at the four hour rate which equates to 7.2 KWH. 




Suppose the Sun doesn't shine for a long time.  In that event we will need another method of generating electricity.  In our case we could use a wind generator, provided it had a low start up speed and was small enough for sympathetic placing.  



Air Wind Whisper H80


The Whisper H80 features a 10 ft (3.1m) rotor diameter and an 80 sq. ft. swept area that provides the user with greater output at low wind speed averages. The H80 also incorporates a permanent magnet alternator powered with an advanced airfoil, thus capturing the most energy in its class as compared to other competitive wind turbines. At 12 mph average wind speed, the H80 can deliver 6.3 KWH per day.  It's low profile design is sleek and silent, hence ideal for field placement.  The start up speed is just 7.0 mph (3.1m/s).





The AER 6 GEN produces up to 670A/h of power at 12 knots of wind over 7 days (1.15 KWH per day).  It starts to charge at 5 knots of wind, produces 2 Amps at 10 knots and can safely and continuously generate 30 Amps in winds of 45 knots and above.  It too operates at low revolutions and is light and compact.  Yet it is still durable and maintenance free thanks to its long life brushes and heavy duty sealed bearings. The high efficiency brush-less alternator incorporates heavy duty stator windings and a high energy permanent magnet rotor. A Voltage Regulator is required.  No. 121941 Aero 6 Gen 12v.  At about 1/6th the output of the Whisper above, more solar panels would be required to balance the system.


Our local member is Cllr Dr Ian Haffenden.  Cllr Haffenden is to be approached to see if Wealden District Council might be in a position to either contribute to or support applications for financial support for this environmental project.  If you would like to see renewable energy at Bushy Wood, why not email Cllr Haffenden using the address below.  In any event tune in regularly to see progress.




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