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16/4/2005 - Updated Candidates List

We bet we will beat William Hill... Official sponsors of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party 2005 General Election Campaign. The Official Monster Raving Loony Party is very grateful to William Hill for their generous support of our campaign.

16/4/2005 - Our ever-growing list of candidates in school mock elections...

Click to see our list of brave young loonies!

8/2/2005 The Manicfesto is launched

28/3/2005 Mad Hatters' Tea Party

28/3/2005 LOONY SONG

The Official Monster Raving Loony Party has gone back to its musical roots, and pulled a rabbit, a bunch of flowers and a couple of cauliflowers out of the hat to bring you its Election Song for 2005.

Now with additional remix by DJ Trousers.

2/4/2005 Having a school election?

Stand as a Loony! Click below for info!

We've produced a special poster specially for candidates standing in mock election in schools up and down the country, plus some handy hints for school candidates to help them make the most of the election...

16/4/2005 Young loony wins fight to stand in election!

We've had a few emails through from young loonies who have wanted to stand in their elections, but haven't been allowed. We think this is terrible (well, we would, wouldn't we?) - If you have trouble, we'll try and help - read the story of what happened with Count Punkula and Cowbridge Comprehensive School...
13/2/2005 Loony Shop - get all the tat you need for the general election!

The new party t-shirt is now available, in glorious Loonicolour! Make sure you get yours in time for the General Election heave-ho - you'd be potty not to. Click here to go to the shop now!

PRINTED COPIES OF THE MANICFESTO NOW AVAILABLE TO BUY. Our gnomes, gremlins, and wildebeests have been working overtime (and avoiding the troublesome squids playing Twister on the bottom of the local swimming pool) to bring you a souvenir printing of the manicfesto that you can use to campaign for the OMRLP, for just 2.50.

4/4/2005 - Members of York Branch sacked from party

Boney Maroney has made a statement regarding two former members from the York Branch of the party. Please click here to read it.

28/2/2005 New Loony Archive

The tireless Mad Cow Girl has produced a fabulous new resource for Loony Historians the world over - the LOONY ARCHIVE.

Acting as a sister/cousin/half-auntie site to the Official Party Site, the Loony Archive will be your handy resource for all things historically Loony. Mad Cow Girl has a tremendous amount of information to put up in the archive, and will be adding more and more as she goes along.

If you've got stuff you'd like to put forward for the site, contact The Flying Pasty at
Vote for insanity, you know it makes sense!



But has the Monster Raving Loony Party said anything about tackling council corruption yet? 


Not as far as we know.  Should he not be promising voters that he will put a halt to the extraordinary waste of ratepayers money brought on by corrupt planning officers.  We estimate this waste to be in the order of 10 million per council.  That adds up to a tidy sum.  Enough to bail out just about every other shortage in public funding. 




Nelson Kruschandl says : "It's Time for Change"




Why do you think politicians need to resort to stealth taxes?


Take Road Tax.  This tax was introduced to pay for road building, yet only about 5% actually goes to build roads.  The rest is diverted to support other high spend areas, such as protecting crooked planning officers.

We need honest taxes for honest purposes?  We need an efficient government and an efficient local government.  We do not need dishonest local officials milking the system for their own purposes.  Building empires.  We need affordable housing, decent schools, and sensibly priced services.  At the moment council tax is crippling most folk.  Not to mention the fact is is a grossly unfair tax aimed only at people who are sitting targets.


Can the Monster Raving Loony Party  take control of corruption?


We doubt it.  But at least they start with a clean plate and a better chance than either Labour or Conservative, simply because they are fresh to the challenge and keen to prove a bunch of nutters could do a better job.   Unfortunately, it is unlikely sufficient voters have the nerve to give them a sporting chance, unlike William Hill.


Let's be honest though, if you were to vote in anyone other than the main parties, they couldn't do any worse so why not give someone else a go?


Neither the Conservatives nor New Labour have tackled white collar crime at local council level.  Both of these parties allow local council's to run riot with your money - allow council officers to deceive councillors and torture the public by refusing to answer reasonable questions, then threatening citizens with legal action, even where these same planning officers know developments are permitted, and is some cases hounding  members of the public to bankruptcy, at huge expense to the ratepayer - See Staffordshire County Council and Brian Goodacre as prime examples.


When Lord Nolan looked into the situation he saw what we are showing you on this website.  But as soon as the awful truth emerged via a recommendation for new criminal statute to tackle malicious use of public funds and personal vendettas, both Conservative and New Labour hastily put the brakes on.  Cowards.


Again, as soon as the Human Rights Act looked set to give the common man a chance to challenge such immoral use of public money, they changed the rules regarding Legal Aid funding, making it almost impossible to obtain representation.