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Peter Tatchell

Peter Tatchell launches Green LGBT manifesto

He urges "everyone who supports Gay rights to vote Green"

Read More 15th Apr 2005


Lib Dems 'green' manifesto claims rubbished

The party is full of "broken promises"

Read More 15th Apr 2005

Caroline Lucas

Green Euro-MP attacks EU "Cheats' Charter"

Lucas "disgusted' after MEPs vote to reject anti-fraud steps

Read More 15th Apr 2005


EU fudges ban on GM-contaminated maize

Biotech firm admits "inadvertant" import of banned GM corn

Read More 15th Apr 2005

GP Logo

Blair aide to fight Islington for Greens

"My message to the electorate is simple: vote for what you believe in"

Read More 15th Apr 2005




Greens to launch "Manifesto for Real Change"

The party is "proud to discuss our policies"

Read More 13th Apr 2005



Councils cheat landfill penalties by incinerating

Read More 7th Apr 2005


Sisters of man murdered by IRA visit Brussels

Greens support McCartney family's quest for justice

Read More 7th Apr 2005



But has the Green Party said anything about tackling council corruption yet? 


Not as far as we know.  Should he not be promising voters that he will put a halt to the extraordinary waste of ratepayers money brought on by corrupt planning officers.  We estimate this waste to be in the order of 10 million per council.  That adds up to a tidy sum.  Enough to bail out just about every other shortage in public funding. 




Nelson Kruschandl says : "It's Time for Change"



Why do you think politicians need to resort to stealth taxes?


Take Road Tax.  This tax was introduced to pay for road building, yet only about 5% actually goes to build roads.  The rest is diverted to support other high spend areas, such as protecting crooked planning officers.

We need honest taxes for honest purposes?  We need an efficient government and an efficient local government.  We do not need dishonest local officials milking the system for their own purposes.  Building empires.  We need affordable housing, decent schools, and sensibly priced services.  At the moment council tax is crippling most folk.  Not to mention the fact is is a grossly unfair tax aimed only at people who are sitting targets.


Can the Green Party take control of corruption?


We doubt it.  But at least they start with a clean plate, hence have a better chance than either Labour or Conservative, simply because they are fresh to the challenge and keen to make a difference.   Unfortunately, it is unlikely sufficient voters have the nerve to give The Green Party a chance.


Let's be honest though, if you were to vote in anyone other than the main parties, they couldn't do any worse.  Neither the Conservatives or New Labour have tackled white collar crime at local council level.  Both of these parties allow local council's to run riot with your money - allow council officers to deceive councillors and torture the public by refusing to answer reasonable questions, then threatening citizens with legal action, even where these same planning officers know developments are permitted, and is some cases hounding  members of the public to bankruptcy, at huge expense to the ratepayer - See Staffordshire County Council and Brian Goodacre as prime examples.


When Lord Nolan looked into the situation he saw what we are showing you on this website.  But as soon as the awful truth emerged via a recommendation for new criminal statute to tackle malicious use of public funds and personal vendettas, both Conservative and New Labour hastily put the brakes on.  Cowards.


Again, as soon as the Human Rights Act looked set to give the common man a chance to challenge such immoral use of public money, they changed the rules regarding Legal Aid funding, making it almost impossible to obtain representation.