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Stand Your Ground was formed in 2001 as a result of a number of self employed business people coming together having realised that they had been victims of conspiracy.

Certain business people, their accountants, solicitors and bank managers have been together in a 'ring' for some thirty years in driving people out of business and picking up their business premises, homes, farms, plots of land etc way beneath market value, financed by amongst other things black market and drugs money.


Originally it was thought the area was around Aberystwyth, Mid Wales but it quickly became apparent that these scams are widespread throughout the country.

Introduction - Courtesy of UNJUSTICE.CO.UK

Many individual victims of fraud and white collar crime suffer in silence. The emotional and financial costs can be truly vast, but all victims should know that they are not alone. UnjustIS cannot offer solutions to their burdens, but it can offer comfort and reassurance that their plight is being recognised and addressed, all be it too slowly for some. The modern world is very confusing: for a generation or more we have been exhorted to take more control over our financial security, and to make provision for later years. We have been encouraged to embrace the market ethic and to take business risks. We respond by entrusting our savings and investments to professional advisors and institutions, or by actively involving ourselves in business or investment ventures. Others prefer to take a shorter route to securing their own futures; they prefer to lie, cheat and steal by betraying our trust. They are the fraudsters, and they are increasing in number and cunning. The present emergence of financial scandals such as Equitable Life, Split Capital Investment Trusts, and other high profile cases is symptomatic of a system that is seriously flawed, a rich feeding ground for the greedy and the fraudsters.

This paragraph is very important:  


Individual victims often experience extreme self-doubt; they wonder over and over again what they should have done or not done to avoid their predicament, and they often re-live every stage of the fraud until it becomes an obsession. They face the interminably recurring question: "What did I do to deserve this?", as if they are somehow being punished for something without knowing what it is. Their emotional and physical health suffers, and friends and families frequently cannot understand or empathise, too often blaming the victim for having been naive or foolish, which actually makes their suffering worse. 


Their despairing condition makes them extremely receptive to offers of help and remedies. Shamefully often this exposes them to re-victimisation, the darkest side of fraud and deception. Fraudsters network with each other. They often share information about victims and their resources, and like many criminals they cannot resist going back for another bite at the cherry, either directly or through associates. In other cases the victims' vulnerabilities are spotted by another opportunist who will promise the Earth yet deliver nothing. When realising that they have been betrayed again, some victims rid themselves of the misery by taking their own lives, handing the ultimate victory to the fraudsters. These charlatans will also be exposed by UnjustIS.

Fraudsters don't care. They do not live by the rules of civilised society. Instead they enjoy the game and often take cruel pleasure in the tortures they inflict, congratulating themselves on their cleverness and duplicity. Many believe that they have a right to do what they do, and they often believe their own lies. The greatest weapon in their arsenal of deceit is ensuring that they possess undisclosed information that would be crucial to the decisions of their victims. Their weakness is that they fail to juggle all their lies effectively, dropping a trail that can lead to their being exposed.

"Criminals may seek out individuals who have an trusting nature, respect authority, or are overly compassionate. They may tailor their scam to fit these characteristics and, in effect, use a person's best qualities against them. This is another reason why crimes of fraud are especially insidious and may have such long-lasting psychological effects."








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