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Part I
Listed Buildings
Chapter 1
Listing of special buildings
1  Listing of buildings of special architectural or historic interest.
2  Publication of lists.
3  Temporary listing: building preservation notices.
4  Temporary listing in urgent cases.
5  Provisions applicable on lapse of building preservation notice.
6  Issue of certificate that building not intended to be listed.
Chapter II
Authorisation of works affecting listed buildings
Control of works in respect of listed buildings
7  Restriction on works affecting listed buildings.
8  Authorisation of works: listed building consent.
9  Offences.
Applications for listed building consent
10  Making of applications for listed building consent.
11  Certificates as to applicant's status etc.
12  Reference of certain applications to Secretary of State.
13  Duty to notify Secretary of State of applications.
14  Duty of London borough councils to notify Commission.
15  Directions concerning notification of applications etc.
16  Decision on application.
Grant of consent subject to conditions
17  Power to impose conditions on grant of listed building consent.
18  Limit of duration of listed building consent.
19  Application for variation or discharge of conditions.
20  Right to appeal against decision or failure to take decision.
21  Appeals: supplementary provisions.
22  Determination of appeals.
Revocation and modification of consent
23  Revocation and modification of listed building consent by local planning authority.
24  Procedure for s. 23 orders: opposed cases.
25  Procedure for s. 23 orders: unopposed cases.
26  Revocation and modification of listed building consent by the Secretary of State.
Chapter III
Rights of Owners etc.
27  Compensation for refusal of consent to alteration, etc. of listed building.
28  Compensation where listed building consent revoked or modified.
29  Compensation for loss or damage caused by service of building preservation notice.
30  Local planning authorities for compensation purposes.
31  General provisions as to compensation for depreciation under this Part.
Listed building purchase notices
32  Purchase notice on refusal or conditional grant of listed building consent.
33  Action by council on whom listed building purchase notice served.
34  Procedure on reference of listed building purchase notice to Secretary of State.
35  Action by Secretary of State in relation to listed building purchase notice.
36  Effect of Secretary of State's action in relation to listed building purchase notice.
37  Reduction of compensation on acquisition where s. 28 compensation payable.
Chapter IV
38  Power to issue listed building enforcement notice.
39  Appeal against listed building enforcement notice.
40  Appeals: supplementary provisions.
41  Determination of appeals under s. 39.
42  Execution of works required by listed building enforcement notice.
43  Penalties for non-compliance with listed building enforcement notice.
44  Effect of listed building consent on listed building enforcement notice.
45  Commission to have concurrent enforcement functions in London.
46  Enforcement by the Secretary of State.
Chapter V
Prevention of Deterioration and Damage
Compulsory acquisition of listed building in need of repair
47  Compulsory acquisition of listed building in need of repair.
48  Repairs notice as preliminary to acquisition under s. 47.
49  Compensation on compulsory acquisition of listed building.
50  Minimum compensation in case of listed building deliberately left derelict.
51  Ending of rights over land compulsorily acquired.
Acquisition by agreement
52  Acquisition of land by agreement.
Management of acquired buildings
53  Management of listed buildings acquired under this Act.
Urgent preservation
54  Urgent works to preserve unoccupied listed buildings.
55  Recovery of expenses of works under s. 54.
56  Dangerous structure orders in respect of listed buildings.
Grants for repair and maintenance
57  Power of local authority to contribute to preservation of listed buildings etc.
58  Recovery of grants under s. 57.
Damage to listed buildings
59  Acts causing or likely to result in damage to listed buildings.
Chapter VI
Miscellaneous and Supplemental
Exceptions for church buildings and ancient monuments
60  Exceptions for ecclesiastical buildings and redundant churches.
61  Exceptions for ancient monuments etc.
Validity of instruments, decisions and proceedings
62  Validity of certain orders and decisions.
63  Proceedings for questioning validity of other orders, decisions and directions.
64  Validity of listed building enforcement notices.
65  Appeals to High Court relating to listed building enforcement notices.
Special considerations affecting planning functions
66  General duty as respects listed buildings in exercise of planning functions.
67  Publicity for applications affecting setting of listed buildings.
68  Reference to Commission of planning applications involving listed buildings in Greater London.
Part II
Conservation Areas
69  Designation of conservation areas.
70  Designation of conservation areas: supplementary provisions.
General duties of planning authorities
71  Formulation and publication of proposals for preservation and enhancement of conservation areas.
72  General duty as respects conservation areas in exercise of planning functions.
73  Publicity for applications affecting conservation areas.
Control of demolition
74  Control of demolition in conservation areas.
75  Cases in which s. 74 does not apply.
76  Urgent works to preserve unoccupied buildings in conservation areas.
77  Grants and loans for preservation or enhancement of conservation areas.
78  Recovery of grants under s. 77.
Town schemes
79  Town scheme agreements.
80  Grants for repairing of buildings in town schemes.
Part III
Authorities exercising functions under Act
81  Authorities exercising functions under Act.
Special cases
82  Application of Act to land and works of local planning authorities.
83  Exercise of powers in relation to Crown land.
84  Application for listed building or conservation area consent in anticipation of disposal of Crown land.
85  British Coal.
86  Ecclesiastical property.
87  Settled land.
Miscellaneous provisions
88  Rights of entry.
89  Application of certain general provisions of principal Act.
90  Financial provisions.
Part IV
91  Interpretation.
92  Application of Act to Isles of Scilly.
93  Regulations and orders.
94  Short title, commencement and extent.
  Schedule 1   Buildings formerly subject to building preservation orders.
  Schedule 2   Lapse of building preservation notices.
  Schedule 3   Determination of certain appeals by person appointed by Secretary of State.
  Schedule 4   Further provisions as to exercise of functions by different authorities.




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