Interested in house prices? Here you can find out the exact sale price of any house sold in England, Scotland or Wales., the first company to bring you online access to the actual prices paid for houses, can provide the official sale price of any house sold in England, Scotland or Wales.

You are free to browse their database of residential property sold in Britain (currently more than 5.5 million addresses) and for a small fee of just 1 per property (minimum 2 per transaction) we will report (view sample) the actual sale price of any property that interests you. Regular users may also like to take advantage of our discount accounts.


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Say when you think that the property you are looking for was sold. You don't have to be exact we will use your input as a starting point and allow you to browse the full date range that we have available from the results page.

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House Prices Available
Country From To No. of Properties
Scotland May 2000 1 November 2004 598,104
England & Wales April 2000 October 2004 2 4,960,014

House Prices are registered following completion of the sale and can take up to 3 months before being registered.  


This site offers complete coverage in Scotland from December of 2001, prior to that we have most but not all of properties sold.


English House Prices and Welsh House Prices are supplied based on the date they are sold and can take up to three months for all the sales in a given month to be registered. As a guide we have around 33% of all sales which took place in October 2004 increasing to 66% at the next monthly update. The subsequent update will complete our record of all sales in October 2004.




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