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House of Lords Information

Tanlaw, L. Cross Bench
Taverne, L. Liberal Democrat
Taylor of Blackburn, L. Labour
Taylor of Warwick, L. Conservative
Tebbit, L. Conservative
Templeman, L. Cross Bench
Temple-Morris, L. Labour
Tenby, V. Cross Bench
Thatcher, B. Conservative
Thomas of Gresford, L. Liberal Democrat
Thomas of Gwydir, L. Conservative
Thomas of Macclesfield, L. Labour
Thomas of Swynnerton, L. Cross Bench
Thomas of Walliswood, B. Liberal Democrat
Thomson of Monifieth, L. Liberal Democrat
Thornton, B. Labour
Tombs, L. Cross Bench
Tomlinson, L. Labour
Tope, L. Liberal Democrat
Tordoff, L. Cross Bench
Trefgarne, L. Conservative
Triesman, L. Labour
Trumpington, B. Conservative
Truro, Bp. Bishop
Tugendhat, L. Conservative
Turnberg, L. Labour
Turner of Camden, B. Labour
Uddin, B. Labour
Ullswater, V. Conservative
Varley, L. Labour
Vincent of Coleshill, L. Cross Bench
Vinson, L. Conservative
Waddington, L. Conservative
Wade of Chorlton, L. Conservative
Wakeham, L. Conservative
Waldegrave of North Hill, L. Conservative
Walker of Gestingthorpe, L. Cross Bench
Walker of Worcester, L. Conservative
Wallace of Saltaire, L. Liberal Democrat
Walmsley, B. Liberal Democrat
Walpole, L. Cross Bench
Walton of Detchant, L. Cross Bench
Warner, L. Labour
Warnock, B. Cross Bench
Warwick of Undercliffe, B. Labour
Watson of Invergowrie, L. Labour
Watson of Richmond, L. Liberal Democrat
Waverley, V. Cross Bench
Weatherill, L. Cross Bench
Wedderburn of Charlton, L. Labour
Weidenfeld, L. Cross Bench
Whaddon, L. Labour
Whitaker, B. Labour
Whitty, L. Labour
Wigoder, L. Liberal Democrat
Wilcox, B. Conservative
Wilkins, B. Labour
Williams of Crosby, B. Liberal Democrat
Williams of Elvel, L. Labour
Williamson of Horton, L. Cross Bench
Willoughby de Broke, L. Conservative
Wilson of Dinton, L. Cross Bench
Wilson of Tillyorn, L. Cross Bench
Winchester, Bp. Bishop
Windlesham, L. Conservative
Winston, L. Labour
Wolfson, L. Conservative
Wolfson of Sunningdale, L. Conservative
Woolf, L. Cross Bench
Woolmer of Leeds, L. Labour
Worcester, Bp. Bishop
Wright of Richmond, L. Cross Bench
York, Abp. Bishop
Young of Graffham, L. Conservative
Young of Old Scone, B. Other


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