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House of Lords Information

McAlpine of West Green, L. Conservative
McCarthy, L. Labour
McCluskey, L. Cross Bench
McColl of Dulwich, L. Conservative
Macdonald of Tradeston, L. Labour
Macfarlane of Bearsden, L. Conservative
McFarlane of Llandaff, B. Cross Bench
MacGregor of Pulham Market, L. Conservative
McIntosh of Haringey, L. Labour
McIntosh of Hudnall, B. Labour
Mackay of Clashfern, L. Conservative
Mackay of Drumadoon, L. Cross Bench
MacKenzie of Culkein, L. Labour
Mackenzie of Framwellgate, L. Labour
Mackie of Benshie, L. Liberal Democrat
MacLaurin of Knebworth, L. Conservative
MacLennan of Rogart, L. Liberal Democrat
McNally, L. Liberal Democrat
Maddock, B. Liberal Democrat
Maginnis of Drumglass, L. Cross Bench
Mallalieu, B. Labour
Manchester, Bp. Bishop
Mancroft, L. Conservative
Mar, C. Cross Bench
Mar and Kellie, E. Liberal Democrat
Marlesford, L. Conservative
Marsh, L. Cross Bench
Marshall of Knightsbridge, L. Cross Bench
Masham of Ilton, B. Cross Bench
Mason of Barnsley, L. Labour
Massey of Darwen, B. Labour
May of Oxford, L. Cross Bench
Mayhew of Twysden, L. Conservative
Merlyn-Rees, L. Labour
Methuen, L. Liberal Democrat
Michie of Gallanach, B. Liberal Democrat
Miller of Chilthorne Domer, B. Liberal Democrat
Miller of Hendon, B. Conservative
Millett, L. Cross Bench
Mishcon, L. Labour
Mitchell, L. Labour
Molyneaux of Killead, L. Cross Bench
Monro of Langholm, L. Conservative
Monson, L. Cross Bench
Montagu of Beaulieu, L. Conservative
Montrose, D. Conservative
Moore of Lower Marsh, L. Conservative
Moore of Wolvercote, L. Cross Bench
Moran, L. Cross Bench
Morgan, L. Labour
Morgan of Huyton, B. Labour
Morris of Aberavon, L. Labour
Morris of Manchester, L. Labour
Moser, L. Cross Bench
Mowbray and Stourton, L. Conservative
Moynihan, L. Conservative
Murray of Epping Forest, L. Labour
Murton of Lindisfarne, L. Conservative
Mustill, L. Cross Bench
Naseby, L. Conservative
Neill of Bladen, L. Cross Bench
Newby, L. Liberal Democrat
Newcastle, Bp. Bishop
Newton of Braintree, L. Conservative
Nicholls of Birkenhead, L. Cross Bench
Nicholson of Winterbourne, B. Liberal Democrat
Nickson, L. Cross Bench
Nicol, B. Labour
Noakes, B. Conservative
Nolan, L. Cross Bench
Norfolk, D. Cross Bench
Northbourne, L. Cross Bench
Northbrook, L. Conservative
Northesk, E. Conservative
Northfield, L. Labour
Northover, B. Liberal Democrat
Norton of Louth, L. Conservative
Norwich, Bp. Bishop
Oakeshott of Seagrove Bay, L. Liberal Democrat
O'Cathain, B. Conservative
Oliver of Aylmerton, L. Cross Bench
O'Neill of Bengarve, B. Cross Bench
Onslow, E. Conservative
Oppenheim-Barnes, B. Conservative
Orme, L. Labour
Ouseley, L. Cross Bench
Owen, L. Cross Bench
Oxburgh, L. Cross Bench
Oxford, Bp. Bishop


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