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The House of Lords is part of the United Kingdom Parliament.

The House of Lords considers legislation, debates issues of importance and provides a forum for government ministers to be questioned. The Committees of the House consider a wide range of issues and produce reports on them. The House of Lords is also the highest court in the United Kingdom.

Links from this page will take you to further information on the work of the House and its Committees, its membership, history, powers and publications. To find out about the House as an appeal court, click on judicial work.

News About the House of Lords


House of Lords Committee on the Constitutional Reform Bill

This new Lords Committee is set to report by Thursday 24 June 2004.  The Bill will create: a Supreme court; an Independent Judicial Appointments System; and new arrangements to replace the Office of Lord Chancellor.  A press notice is available.


Work of the House of Lords

The new illustrated 'Work of the House of Lords' describes what the House of Lords does with examples drawn from the last complete session (2002-03). An earlier edition of this publication is available on the archive page.


Forthcoming Business 

List of Forthcoming Business of the House of Lords for the week ahead. Further information is available on the What's On page.


Select Committees

Inquiries, evidence sessions, reports and other news from the committees which scrutinise the work of Government.



Important Note

Members of the House of Lords attend the House on a voluntary basis. They are unpaid and few of them have offices or a secretary. Anyone wishing to contact a member urgently should be aware that delays can occur when mail and messages have to be forwarded.



Ring the main Palace of Westminster switchboard 020 7219 3000 and ask to be put through to a member. The switchboard will try to connect you if the member has a desk and telephone number.

Leave a message with the ‘Message Service’ 020 7219 5353.



Letters addressed to members at the -

    House of Lords
    SW1A 0PW

will be delivered to them in the House or forwarded according to instructions


Addressing Members of the House of Lords

A quick guide to forms of address for members of the House


Bulk Mailshots

Bulk mailshots for the House of Lords are not accepted at the Palace of Westminster.

All bulk mail shots must be individually named, stamped (1st or 2nd class) and addressed to


The Sorting Office
9 Howick Place


List of Current Members of the House.

For full alphabetical list see links below and lists by party and other groupings.


Other Sources of Information about Members:

Dod’s Parliamentary Companion or Who’s Who both contain short biographical details and addresses. They are available in public libraries.



A       Archbishop

B        Baroness

Bp      Bishop

C       Countess

D       Duke

E        Earl

L        Lord/Baron

Ly      Lady

M      Marquess

V       Viscount

*        Lords of Appeal in Ordinary (Usually 12 Law Lords)

†        Elected Hereditary Peer

‡        Hereditary Royal Office Holders

§        Hereditary Peers given Life Peerages                (Peers on Leave of Absence do not appear on these lists)



General information: Illustrated Brief Guide and Briefing papers  Membership of the House  House of Lords Annual Report 2000-2001

House of Lords Annual Report 1999-2000  House of Lords Annual Report 1998-99  The Register of Lords Interests

Judicial business  Enquiries  Select Committees  Visits to the House of Lords


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