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HM Customs and Excise

The Department's Business Liaison Team aims to meet Departmental operational needs by devising, researching and delivering the most appropriate products to help educate and support diverse business communities in VAT, International Trade and Excise.  One of the most successful ways it does this, is by organising and delivering a national programme of Business Advice Open Days. This website provides full details of future events including dates and locations, exhibitors, seminar titles, links to our national partners and an on-line booking service.


HM Treasury

The Treasury is the department responsible for formulating and putting into effect the UK Government's financial and economic policy. The Treasury's overall aim is to raise the rate of sustainable growth, and achieve rising prosperity, through creating economic and employment opportunities for all.


Inland Revenue

The Inland Revenue is responsible for the efficient administration of income tax, tax credits, corporation tax, capital gains tax, petroleum revenue tax, inheritance tax, national insurance contributions and stamp duties.


The Adjudicator's Office

The Adjudicator, Dame Barbara Mills, DBE, QC, looks at complaints that Customs and Excise have been unable to resolve to the satisfaction of the complainant. The Adjudicator looks at both sides of a complaint and where she considers it justified, she makes recommendations to Customs and Excise about putting things right. Her recommendations are independent and her services are free.


Business & trade

 VAT   Importing, exporting and EC trade   Rates of exchange   Electronic services   Other taxes and duties   

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Public & travel

 Your customs allowances   Banned & restricted goods   VAT refunds for visitors   Shopping on the Internet
 Travellers' charter   Notices for travellers



12 January 2004: Customs accused of breaching human rights

26 December 2003: Customs filter out cigarette smugglers as they leave Calais

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HM Customs and Excise

European Charter on Fundamental Rights - Europa


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