The trust set up to improve the administrative efficiency of the Sanctuary at Bushy Wood was served with a contravention notice in April 2003 by Wealden's enforcement officer.  Wealden alleges use of the stables for commercial purpose.  Yet, everybody local knows the Sanctuary at Bushy Wood operates out of donations received from the public and our Charity from voluntary assistance.  If you are served with a Contravention Notice see the Enforcement Guide before doing anything.


We urge the Stables to make it plain to persons seeking a home for a Horse they cannot home elsewhere, that they do not operate on a commercial basis.  Every person using this sanctuary is well aware of the situation and a big thank you to those who contribute money or other goods for the care of rescued horses.  All monies received by the sanctuary is only accepted as a donation to charity.  Please note: If money is not offered as a donation to charity it will be refused.


Unfortunately, WDC's enforcement officers refuse to assist us with information as to where they have the obtained information on which they base their Contravention Notice.  We are aware that Wealden's chief enforcement officer has solicited (manufactured) complaints in the past in malicious fashion, stooping as low as to making anonymous complaints to his own Council, then acting on those complaints as if they'd been received independently.  The notice we received looks to  be more of an entrapment exercise.  We cannot trust this council not to use such tactics again, having bulldozed the original buildings unlawfully, and where Wealden  refuses to answer our reasonable inquiry.  This form of notice in the wrong hands becomes coercion - government by force - contrary to all Human Rights principles.  For example: only this council would deny our Horses the on site care and attention every animal deserves, or seek to prevent it.  What they are doing to Brian Bastow proves it.  The officers of this council do not like animals or animal lovers.  Luckily, many of the members do care about their constituents.


Please be aware that if you are approached by an officer of this council with innocent questions about where your Horse is kept.  These same officers will seek to twist any answer you give them to run rings around their planning members - the officer's agenda being to destroy our stables for a second time.


As a consequence of this notice, we are very sorry but we are unable to offer any Horse a place at Bushy Wood Farm.  Not until Wealden come clean before a planning committee and where we are invited to say our piece.   


Please note therefore, it is the subtefuge of Wealden District Council that is preventing a facility granted permission as necessary to the area by the Secretary of State, from reaching even half of its capacity.  If you need a home for your Horse and we cannot help, why not complain to your local Member. Ask him to lobby the council to prevent officers abusing the positions of trust they hold.




THIS SITE CONTAINS MANY EXAMPLES OF THIS COUNCIL'S UNREASONABLE BEHAVIOUR - With thanks to Action Groups across the country for the supply of real case history and supporting documents.  *THAT THE PUBLIC MAY KNOW*


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