As of the end of December last year the Government planned to introduce a new law to force all horse owners to purchase passports for their horses. Every horse, donkey or pony must have these passports, even if they are never to be shipped abroad. The Government's thinking
is that they do not want horses that have been given certain veterinary medicines to enter the food chains. Now the UK is not in the top 10 providers of horse meat as a human food. And i for one would never let my wonderful 4 legged friends and companions end their days in this way.

The fear is that by introducing these passports the places hardest hit will be the small rescue centers and sanctuaries, where they will need to purchase a passport for every horse, pony or donkey there. They will have to spend fundraised money on a passport that will never be used rather than put that money towards, rugs, feed or medical treatment. 

It is also feared that these passports will stop many animals getting the treatment they require. If an owner has not purchased a passport they may not feel they can call out the vet as then the lack of passport will come to light and there is a 5000 fine for not having one, or 1 months imprisonment.

The link to the site is underneath this email, if you would like to have a look. And please, if you do not agree with the passports then sign our petition and maybe post a topic or comment on our forum pages. Please can you pass this on to anyone you feel this may interest, the more people that know the better, and the best way for people to find it is through word of mouth. We would also be extremely grateful if you could post a link on your website. We would, of course, reciprocate this.

As stated on our website, even if this petition does not, in the end, make a difference, at least we will have registered our disagreement with the latest government legislation

We are also concerned by the number of people who have not heard of this new law. When i spoke to the lady on the passport helpline number she told me that "ignorance would not be deemed an acceptable excuse" , basically, saying you did not know will not stop you being prosecuted.

So please, if you know of anyone with horses, ponies, donkeys, shetlands... please do spread the word. If you do feel strongly about this issue then please also ask your friends and family to sign our petition. The petition will be presented to 10 Downing Street on a date that is yet to be decided.

Many thanks for your time in reading this. If you would like any further information or have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Many thanks again,

Sarah Howlett

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All of us at HORSE SANCTUARY UK LIMITED support SARAH HOWLETT in her quest that exemption should be granted to bona fide horse sanctuaries. 

We believe every horse, pony and donkey has the right to be part of a loving family where it will be cared for and loved to the end of its natural life.




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