Kirk Odom was wrongfully convicted of rape, a victim of false testimony by the FBI  Victim of a flawed system: Kirk Odom


US SEX CASE EVIDENCE - The testimony on Myron T Scholberg FBI, invoked the certainties of science to guide a Jury and the ruse did its job: the verdict came in guilty - sending Kirk Odom to jail for 22 years on bogus hair evidence. On the basis of a single hair Kirk Odom was to spend the next 22 years in prison and a further nine living the half-life of a paroled sex offender. The trouble is that Scholberg’s testimony wasn’t scientific, and it wasn’t true. Fast forward to 2009, by which time Odom had spent 28 years in prison and on parole. In that year the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences (NRCNAS) released a landmark report into the practice of forensic analysis in the US. The NRCNAS report pointed out a basic problem with the idea that you can compare two hair samples and produce a positive match. No statistics exist that map the distribution of hair properties in the general population, and that renders it impossible to make any meaningful calculations about the probabilities of a particular hair type being found. As a result, “all analyst testimony … stating that a crime scene hair was ‘highly likely’ to have come, ‘very probably’ came, or did come from the defendant violates the basic scientific criterion that expressions of probability must be supported by data”. To put that in plain English, Scholberg’s statement to the jury at the Odom trial – that the match he had found between the defendant’s and the rapist’s hair was a “very rare phenomenon” – was complete fantasy.


The FBI’s 1977 pamphlet Microscopy of Hair: A Practical Guide and Manual.  The assumption running through its 53 pages is that with the help of a microscope a skilled examiner can positively match two hairs to the same person with a high probability of accuracy. Clarence Kelley, then director of the FBI, wrote a starry-eyed foreword to the manual in which he expressed his hope that it would promote “maximum use of physical evidence in our criminal justice system of America”. At its peak the microscopic analysis unit in Washington had 11 special agents devoted entirely to hair comparisons, working on up to 2,000 cases a year and testifying 250 times annually. Between 1972 and 1999, the unit produced at least 2,500 positive hair matches that were used in criminal cases, and tens of thousands more may have resulted from FBI “so-called experts” training detectives to use the technique in states across the country.

In April 2015, Spencer Hsu of the Washington Post reported that the FBI and the US justice department formally acknowledged that it had given flawed testimony in almost all the criminal trials in which its agents were involved. Those cases included 32 that put defendants on death row – nine of whom have already been executed.


UK SEX CASE EVIDENCE SIMILARITIES - Substitute Myron Scholberg for Melanie Liebenberg and anatomical evidence, rather than the matching of a hair - Mr Odom's conviction was obtained using the same methods used in the UK by the CPS. The CPS knowingly called out of date medical evidence to seal a wrongful conviction, the FBI used outdated anatomical evidence. It's time the UK did the needed research to not only convict those guilty of offences based on scientific data rather than fantasy opinion, but also to protect those falsely accused of crimes. Ref: Extracts from a Guardian article by Ed Pilkington



The time for marching is over, we need a party with new policies to halt financial slavery


WANTED: A SENSIBLE POLITICAL PARTY WITH THE GUTS TO CLAMP DOWN ON FINANCIAL SLAVERY - Average house prices in London are now far beyond even bankers and others on £100,000-a-year salaries. An average flat in north-west London costs over £900,000. Who let this happen and, more important, who is going to do anything about this ludicrous situation? Not the Tories. Their Brandon Lewis (Conservative housing minister) talks about “affordable” flats in the same breath as “a stealth tax”. The mansion tax from Labour might have some impact on prices at the top end, but even a complete revision in council tax will not affect these prices. At the moment London and now the counties, is a safe haven for mostly ill-gotten gains and funny money, rich Greeks included. Land for building should now be for affordable housing only. It's the only way to burst the slavery bubble.





ECONOMIC REVOLUTION - As soon as you are 18, why not vote for Financial Emancipation. You will need to find a party with a manifesto that radically revises current planning practices. It will be a kind of economic revolution that the current slave traders (landlords and bankers) will react to with more more brown envelopes slipped into party funds. The ruling elite will not want their boats rocked. Challenge is happening in Greece at the moment where the young are voting out the corrupt establishment, for change to a fairer society. The radical left-wing party Syriza won the general elections in January 2015 in Greece with nearly 36 percent of the vote. Unshackle yourself and your children - why don't you.




Obama and Cameron talk about their performances in office


Can you believe the state of our economies?





Our country is now in debt to the tune of £1.337 trillion pounds. That is 91% of our Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and the debt is increasing by £121 billion pounds every year. That is £2.3 billion pounds a week that we are getting deeper into the mire. Why do you suppose this has happened? It's simple maths. Let's start at local level: In the Wealden district around Hailsham between 1998-1999 around 10 cases of abusing the citizens rights were costing the taxpayers upwards of £100,000 a year. One case exceeded £500,000 by 2001 and is still unresolved in 2014.


Let us stay with just 10 cases we know of in 1998, which totals a cool £1million. We believe that just about all council planning departments were operating the same discriminatory practices country-wide. Now let us multiply the Hailsham area by the number of councils in England & Wales: 455 x £1m = £455m. Then let's multiply that by the years from 1999 to 2013 = £6.37 billion. That's a lot of money down the drain. And this is just corrupt planning departments. Imagine what else is lurking in other departments, social services and the like?


It gets worse. All the while those councils were working to prevent lawful development, they were stopping houses, etc, being used that were needed. Remember the housing shortage? Yup, that is all down to councils trying to keep development in the hands of their chums and at premium rates. Chums are called 'favoured developers.' Favoured developers hand out sweeteners to planning officers, councillors and the like to keep their consents flowing - usually for unsustainable developments = high price houses. The national debt is proof of practices that are unsustainable. It is up to council chief executives to prevent corruption, but they are at the top of the pile, more than likely orchestrating cover ups, etc.


In order to keep house prices artificially high, it is necessary to abuse the rights of the ordinary citizen to develop land for himself. That is the hidden agenda that is ruining our country and making financial slaves of most of us.


What is worse, is that the experts predict a national debt of 99% of GDP within four years if we continue to allow corrupt officials to live off the fat of the land. Please note that several websites give different GDP and debt figures.


One solution is to stop paying council officials high salaries (including gov ministers & NHS consultants). Rotate staff and perhaps consider zero hour contracts for all. That would give us a level playing field, lower wage bills and pay for performance. No more fat bums on chairs for doing nothing but obfuscate and procrastinate. Rotating staff with audits on planning consents, cross linked with enforcement, would show us where policies are not being applied consistently. I.e. where the favours are being handed out, to who by whom. And lastly, fines for councils who do not conform to government dictums.


What all this amounts to is an appalling lack of understanding of administration across the land, or rather a "blind eye" policy, so long as the MPs are nice and comfy and the public don't realise what is going on. The corruption appears to be cross party, by which we mean that each successive government has failed to tackle the grass roots issues.




It costs a fortune to keep a prisoner, though it costs virtually nothing to convict a person, provided that the Police do not spend time on investigating the crime scene. Legal Aid is capped at £1,500 no matter what type of case or the complexity of the trial. For example, a simple burglary trial could be concluded in one day, with preparations and pleas also taking one day. In which case the £1500 fee would cover that type of representation.





Now let's look at a complex case involving historical sex allegations. There will be umpteen witness statements to collect, forensic analysis of computers, medical reports - the same for the defence. Do you thing £1500 will cover that? Of course not, and that is the inequality of the system, where a defendant in such a case will not get proper representation. In addition, in the burglary case, the defendant is deemed innocent until proven guilty, whereas, in the sex case he/she is deemed guilty. The burden of proof shifts to the defence, and on £1500 that is hardly fair - and that is why the state are virtually guaranteed a guilty verdict. And, that is why Lord Denning and other high ranking persons in the British Justice system say: "It is better that some innocent men remain in jail that the integrity of the English judicial system be impugned." What he really means is with the loaded dice, he knows that he will be convicting a significant number of innocent men. And, we have not even taken a peek at the fit-up angle. That's all very well Lord Denning, but what about Article 6; the right to a fair trial? Those wrongly convicted take years to get their names cleared, in the process their lives are ruined - and even with their convictions overturned, many people will still not believe that they were innocent. How does the state compensate for that? Surely that is degrading treatment! is it any wonder the the prison population is exploding - and we know what that means. Yup, more state borrowing.




Those who cannot afford a full and proper defence will more than likely be convicted. Legal Aid lawyers get so little money to defend a case that the defence they mount is almost non-existent. The result is that the CPS, who have unlimited funding, will trounce the defence - and it does not matter if the defendant is innocent or guilty. Changes in the law in England were designed to disadvantage any person accused of a sexual offence.



The case of Nigel Evans is yet another case that demonstrates that where a person is able to fund a case privately, he or she is more likely to be acquitted. Click on Mr Evan's picture to read more on the inequalities in the English justice system.




So-called law enforcement agencies are among the worst offenders. Fitting up targeted members of the public, by crafting evidence to obtain a conviction. See "The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest"




Kuldip Singh Sahota, Telford and Wrekin Council Leader

ANOTHER HUMAN RIGHTS DEMOLITION CASE - Telford & Wrekin Council Leader Kuldip Singh Sahota (left) and Richard Partington, MD (right) on £137,000 salary? That's no joke - they're paid a lot to be bullies!


This council fought an appeal on a previous application which they lost, but it appears that since losing that particular fight they have continued to thwart efforts to get that permission implemented, via their planning dirty tricks dept. We wonder what the secret agenda is? This led to a 2nd application from the frustrated applicants and that is where the plot thickens. It appears that the Planning Inspectorate may have been duped on the 2nd case as to vital information on plans relating to ground heights. It reminds us of Wealden District Council and the famous land drainage case where that council were on paper trying to prove water flowed uphill. We are following this case with interest and invite comments from Telford.

Richard Partington, Telford and Wrekin Council Managing Director - Fat Cat





Lord McAlpine V Sally Bercow -


The problem with allegations, especially sexual allegations, is that once a mistake is made, everyone and their dog believe that it's okay to put the boot in. This case (or series of cases) may make those jumping on any band-wagon that is going, sit up and think twice.

The statistics for false allegations is quite a surprise, a fact that juries should be made aware of when trying to decide to convict a man - where there is no direct evidence to link a person to a claim. It should be eye witness or DNA proof that is required (beyond reasonable doubt) - rather than circumstantial evidence - which can be manipulated by a man or woman with a grudge. The most common of which is being jilted: Bunny Boilers.



BURMA - Aung San Suu Kyi is now free and making a difference in her homeland, thanks to support from the nations that care about Human Rights. Winner of a deserved Nobel Peace Prize.


CASH for QUESTIONS - Not again? Yes, we're afraid so. From the latest reports it seems that there is always a minister prepared to use his position of trust for personal gain. A joint investigation by The Telegraph and the BBC Panorama programme has exposed how an MP and peer were prepared to lobby Parliament in exchange for payments. The affair carried echoes of the scandal which dogged John Major’s administration in the Nineties. Under the proposed new laws, it is expected that only lobbyists who agree to regulations and sign up to a new register will be allowed to “lobby” politicians.




The are many new challenges facing us as we head into a fast food, junk mail, super heated world with super heated economies and warring factions (at different levels of hostility) in many countries. And it will get worse as the world population increases - until finally the planet can take no more. Then there will be famine on a global scale, cannibalism and world war III. Let us hope it never comes to that. It's bad enough that we are still suffering from the after effects of Thatcherism (greengrocer politics).


Political analyst Michael Barone predicted in 2008  “The Coming Liberal Thugocracy,” referring to then Senator Obama’s call for his supporters “to get in their face” when confronting Republicans and Independents. Barone argued that “Obama supporters who found the campuses congenial and Mr Obama himself, who has chosen to live all his adult life in university communities, seem to find it entirely natural to suppress speech they don’t like and seem utterly oblivious to claims this violates the letter and spirit of the First Amendment.”

Barone’s predictions have been proved correct. This is brutish, imperial-style presidency that is highly intolerant of dissent, going out of its way to target political opponents. It is ironic that one of the journalists threatened by the Obama White House in recent months has been Bob Woodward, one of two Washington Post reporters who originally broke the Watergate scandal, and who was immortalised in the 1976 Oscar winner All The President’s Men (played by Robert Redford). Woodward was warned back in February by White House economic adviser Gene Sperling that he would “regret” remarks he made on the sequester issue. Other writers, including Bill Clinton’s former special counsel Lanny Davis, have faced similar threats.

Barack Obama, President elect, USA



Julian Assange, freedom of information fighter

UK PRIME MINISTER Will David Cameron tackle accountability for the ordinary taxpayer.  Will he give every citizen an equal opportunity in dealings with their local Council and the Police? Fat chance. More likely he'll add another layer of gray. 


JULIAN ASSANGE - If you go about revealing all about politicians and their sneaky tactics, you are bound to find yourself accused of something unsavory. Wikileaks! Nice one Julian. Freedom of speech and transparency in office. If they abided by those principles for real, the world would be a safer place.

David (the chameleon) Cameron, it pays to blow with the wind





Increasingly girls invent stories, to Blackmail, to hurt someone, attract attention or for revenge. Almost all such allegations attract significant media hype which destroys the lives of those accused, regardless of innocence and harms the right to a fair trial during any appeal, including to the European Court of Human Rights - Such allegations now include Jimmy Tarbuck, Rolf Harris, Jim Davidson and Freddie Starr. Come on!

Lord Goldsmith crown prosecution service QC attorney general



Where they removed the right of those accused to a fair trial, surely now it is time for reforms to the law to protect the public against false allegations. Too many lives are being ruined by publication and wrongful conviction, as the number of appeal cases reveal.  Lord Goldsmith QC missed out on the opportunity for reform. Who's next?


Chris Grayling, laws reforms are necessary



Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Planning

CONSERVATION v PLANNING - For 30 years Nelson Kruschandl has struggled to prove a building in Herstmonceux was of historic interest and should be preserved. While the battle raged in closed corridors, he did not make many friends with the powers that be, some of whom plotted to stop him asking awkward questions and some of which simply will not reply to correspondence in person, such as Mr Pickles. There is though a duty to protect historic buildings - and by turning a blind eye to council corruption, that potentially makes any person holding office complicit in a cover up, or potentially vicariously liable and subject to investigation for misfeasance in public office. The buck passing has got to stop. No salaries for MPs whose portfolio does not perform.



Herstmonceux old electricity generating works circa 1900 monument

Some 20 years into the fray English Heritage and the County Archaeologist in Lewes, Sussex, came to the rescue. Read more of this using the links above, and please note this issue is now the subject of considerable concern where Wealden District Council are in breach of an Agreement to recognise the building. (picture of timber building below) 

For the avoidance of doubt, to knowingly leave a historic building without a beneficial use is more than simple misfeasance in public office - it is criminal behaviour. The analogy of which is seen in the Chris Huhne case: Trying to avoid a speeding fine turns a relatively minor offence into an imprisonable crime. If they want to lock Nelson up for voicing his concerns, he says, go ahead - he'll turn the other cheek. HST

Chris Huhne, former energy minister




Prison officer unlocking gate   Amanda, shaken but Knox stirred   Amanda Knox for President   Amanda Knox, popularly called Foxy Knoxy


Amanda, shaken but Knox stirred  - Italian court guilty shocker!!







AFFORDABLE HOUSING - Bringing down the cost of housing for first time buyers, will relieve social problems, such a debt, where mortgages are simply too high for first time buyers.  Artificial property values are kept high by town planners on the take and governments pandering to landowners and landlords.


THE ECONOMY v DEBT - If you've ever fancied building yourself a dream house, or doing a conversion, and your council (or neighbours) start to give you a hard time, then this site may be useful to you. We reveal tricks council officers use  when enforcing as a result of neighbour complaints and the Old Boys Act.  

 Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II most voted popular British person 




Our best wishes go out to the relatives and friends of Nelson Mandela. Mandela and South African President F.W. de Klerk were jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts to dismantle the country's apartheid system. In 1994, Mandela was inaugurated as South Africa's first black president. In 2009, Mandela's birthday (July 18) was declared Mandela Day to promote global peace and celebrate the South African leader's legacy.


Nelson Mandela, brother freedom fighter, South Africa



Finally, planning law is evolving to encompass sustainability. You must be joking. That is what Parliament intends, but you can rest assured that corrupt local authorities will go kicking and screaming to appeal after appeal trying to preserve their rich hunting grounds for favoured developers. 


Planning departments don't want affordable housing. They will not provide the rolling stock of land to keep prices down - on the contrary, they will continue just as they have been to keep those brown envelopes rolling in. Show us otherwise. There is the gauntlet, pick it up! If you do not, your silence says it all.

Herstmonceux Museum, a monument at risk thanks to Wealden District Council

To preserve the rich pickings for those in positions of trust - and guess what? They probably have masonic connections. Do officers have to declare these. not on your life - only the members. The officers are still immune. They'll do everything to keep it that way - to include not posting information about who does what in their council. Show me otherwise?


Record all key conversations with suspect officers. Write to the members, not the officers and share your findings on the internet.


MONUMENT AT RISK - Herstmonceux Museum - a building at risk! An important historic building is deteriorating rapidly because Wealden District Council are more interested in placating neighbours as to who occupies it. We thought that eugenics died out when the allies took Berlin in 1945. It appears not; discrimination by council officials is rife in England. A favour to a neighbor is no different to accepting a brown envelope. See the Bribery Act 2010.


NOTE - The founder of this site is unable to represent himself due to restrictions that prevent him from identifying those involved in his case. This limitation paints a distorted picture of the facts on which the press capitalized to sensationalize the story to sell papers. We would not want to jeopardise his position or his appeal, but will publish what we can at the appropriate time. Discussion groups are not a million miles away with their questioning of this conviction. Thank you for your support and for dissecting logically, the illogical. HST & MEL



ROGUES GALLERY - WDC officers and Members involved in covering up the history of Herstmonceux Museum - In the process raising our National Debt. Being involved can mean doing something wrong, or not doing anything when something is called for - such as consulting the experts, or making sure that council officers carry out their duties correctly - or have done so in the past. The latter is just as bad as being the one who presents false information to a committee - or even going along with discriminatory agendas in denial of Article 14. Many members draw benefits for being a member, but do not reply to correspondence - being more interested in remaining in the "club" than standing up for what is right. Such behaviour may now be considered under Section 4 of the Fraud Act 2006, and also as a breach of their duty under the Representation of the Peoples Acts = failure to properly represent a member of the public. We'd like to hear the views of those above. Why is it that nothing is being done to correct past misdeeds? Their silence is deemed acceptance of the situation as we have published.





Communities Secretary Eric Pickles has announced he will issue new guidance that will formally open up planning appeal hearings “to be filmed, tweeted and reported”.

He also challenged councils to open up their planning committees and other meetings.

As part of the government’s review of planning practice, new guidance by the Planning Inspectorate will make clear the rights for members of the press and public, including local bloggers and hyperlocal journalists, to report, film and tweet planning appeal hearings.

Ministers hope this initiative will open up a rarely seen side of the planning process.

The Department for Communities and Local Government has stated that: “provided that it does not disrupt proceedings, anyone will be allowed to report, record and film proceedings including the use of digital and social media”.

Inspectors are to advise those present at the start of the event that the proceedings may be recorded and/or filmed, and that anyone using social media during or after the end of the proceedings should do so responsibly.

Pickles said: “Watching television programmes like Grand Designs, viewers have been baffled as cameras are stopped from filming meetings of the planning committee. Councillors shouldn’t be ashamed or be trying to hide the work they do.

“I am opening up the planning appeals that my department oversees, so the public can see how the planning system works in practice.

“Councils should match this by opening up their planning meetings and other committees,” he said - and we could not agree more.



Transparency is the key to identifying council staff abusing positions of trust. Promote council staff that give the facts and members that stand up to be counted. Get it on film so that they cannot deny it. Stopping officers and members sweeping misdeeds under the carpet, is good for the health of the nation. Let's get rid of the rats in the system.






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